More soreness

Holy crap.  That raspberry bed was intense.  And I’m just getting started with the garden, that’s the kicker.  Yikes.
The finished bit.  Well, with a few stragglers on the ends that I need to dig up as friends come by.
See, you can see the ground!  Well, until I mulch it to death after a bunch of the canes get un-floppy that is (transplanting them, things happen).
Look, you can walk to that back wood rack!  Yeah, I used some wacky string to tie up a bunch of the canes together so they’d stay semi-upright.  Maybe next year (well, maybe not, who am I kidding) I’ll trim them to six feet tall or something.  Maybe.  But there’s ground!

The tall horseradish I left in it’s place in the garden.  Until I find a better spot for it at some point.
I potted some up because they were good sized roots (yay!!), but I need to find them a happy, permanent home so I can mulch them to death.  They’re a little droopy because of all the digging – I don’t immediately plant the things I dig up right then and there.  Takes some time.

My lilies came back.  Love these flowers, they’re practically unkillable.  Plus they’re super pretty.

The scary not-so-little grapevine.  A trellis is high on our to-do list.  Very high.  That poor lump of vines needs to be straightened out, or it’ll never be untangled.

Part of the main garden bed.  You can see the grape’s post right there.  This is also where the hammock shall go.  Teehee.  So excited about a hammock here.  I kinda want to have a few of them scattered around the yards, that would be so. freakin’. cool.

My burn pile.  This is just from weeding the raspberries.  Yup, it was that bad.  Dead canes, weeds, all kinds of blech.  Almost hard to believe how much crud I culled from that little 4’x13′ ish section.  Hubby also needs to torch the “back 40” there as well, that popped back up in the last two months (well, mostly after it rained).

The strawberry and garlic (and carrot!) bed.  Strawberries are doing well, starting to perk up and we’re getting blossoms!  The middle bit of garlic (Killarney Red) isn’t doing so hot, but the Music and Chesnok are doing great.  See that row of bark mulch?  Hubby flamed up that row, and the kids mulched it up.  Ah, the prospect of much fewer weeds/grass to mow… makes me happy.  Plus now I can get started on weeding those raised beds without dandelions and crazy grass tickling me in places.

The baby grape!  She lives!  We thought it was a goner when the 10yo kept forgetting to water it last year (one of his chores was to water the garden, including all the stuff in the pots – he stopped watering the pots).

The blackberries are perking back up.  They should go nuts this year, in a few years we should have a decent crop of blackberries.  Still need to mulch this though.  Debating mulching this whole little section to the fence…  less for hubby to have to mow.

Eeep!  Baby pears!!  You can’t imagine my excitement.  😀

Change of topic…
The laundry room.  Slowly things are happening.  Very, very slowly.  Takes time.  Have to wait for the spackle, then texture, then primer to dry… then tape, *then* paint.  Ah, the joys of homeownership.  Hopefully it’ll be done by the end of summer?

And squee!  My mom brought this up last time she visited.  It may not look like much to most folks.  But it’s special to me.  The clock mechanism seems to be a bit sad, we might need to find a new one.  This clock was up in the dining nook in my grandma’s kitchen, for years and years and years.  She and Papa had a wheat farm, which is likely part of why she ordered/purchased this clock back in the 80’s.  It doesn’t look like it fits in the living room, at least not right now.  So…  I will have an empty bit of space on one of the laundry room walls below/next to some shelves that may look naked.  This will go quite nicely there, even if we leave the clock mechanism old and busted.  😀

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