Garden in late May

Blurry photo of the house from the backyard.  I’d gotten the herb bed partly weeded (yeesh!), the 10yo had sifted a third of the other raised bed, which I promptly planted.

Blackberry canes are getting happier, slowly.  Got this all weeded, and ready for the boys to mulch for me.  Had to yank out half the thyme plants, they get a little nuts.

The baby grape who lives!  I love things that can handle my accidental abuse.  Especially when it seems they come back from the dead.  So cool.

The one raised bed I’d gotten partially weeded.  Turns out I had boneset (gravelroot) in the middle of that bed there, some random shallots on this half (there were tons more on the other side, again, unkillable!), and some random turnips from when I’d planted some years ago and apparently some had gone to seed at some point.  Seriously, I learn all kinds of crazy stuff by sheer laziness.

The pretty little third of the bed all planted up. 

This was before hubby and the boys decided to sift all the weed rhizomes out.  Progress!

Closeup of the boneset, surrounded by weeds.

Closeup of the shallots (left) and turnips (right).  Well, we were pretty sure they were turnips since they didn’t smell heinous like water hemlock is supposed to smell.

Garlic’s doing well, accidental carrots are going gangbusters.  Strawberries are happy, too.

The burn pile, just getting started.  So. much. yard. stuff.  The old raspberry canes went poof almost instantaneously, it was wild.

So excited to get these little elderberries in the ground soon.

My lilac monsters.  😀  I loved keeping our bedroom window (just above this) open to get some of the scent floating in that week.

My lone adorable deep purple lilac.  I’ll find a home for it at some point.  Somewhere.  Thank you, birds!

The peppermint that survived.  And then some.  Holy smokes.  Need to transplant.

One of my big pots from Costco, all filled up.  Tomato, basil, calendula, oregano, and something else.


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