Time to Shop!

Want to spend your hard earning money on some really groovy things?  Fantastic!

If you’re local, CdA Fresh is open on weekends, and I have a lovely little spot in there.  The folks there definitely know me (I’m equal parts annoying/sassy/informative), ask them and they’ll point you to my creations if you have a hard time finding them.

I may be at occasional craft fairs or farmer’s markets, all depends on when (i.e. whether I’m working elsewhere or whether it’s a kid-friendly venue).  I tend to post about those on Facebook though.

If you want to stay in your pajamas, or are in a perpetual state of wearing no pants, or just don’t live nearby, Etsy is another fun bet.  I’m still working out my own kinks with inventory and shipping, I’m just going to apologize in advance.  I’m not always perfect or magical, but I am working on getting better organized.

If you’re looking for a custom order and are looking for something specific, shoot me a message on Facebook (probably the quicker way to track me down).  Or email at angrymoosefarm at gmail dot com.