Hey, Easter happened!

The kids had their regular egg hunt.  5yo got green eggs, 6yo purple eggs, 8yo blue eggs, 11yo yellow eggs.  The orange were fair game for everyone, and then we had the chick, egg, and golden snitch with super cool big prizes in them.  :D  Of course, a few eggs had candy, but most had Legos.  5yo got a ninja turtles, 6yo got Elsa’s castle, 8yo got a technic hot rod.  11yo…  the Easter bunny couldn’t find the right Minecraft Lego set, so he got cash in eggs to put towards Legos.  Yeah, parent fail.  My bad.  We might have something super cool in the pipeline for him though….

I’ve been getting medical stuff done, yay.
A few doctor appointments, tooth cleaning at the dentist (did you know numbing for a cleaning was an option?!  I’m totally doing that next time so they can go whole hog, they made my day!).
My thyroid is a bit out of whack.  Technically, I’m well within the range of normal, just on the low end.  So technically, my thyroid is subclinically hypothyroid.  Good news though, it’s not Hashimoto’s.  The possibility of that kind of terrified me, really.  So I’m on a bunch of supplements to help support/get my thyroid going again.  Within a week of starting to take iodine?  It didn’t take 2-4 hours for my feet to warm up in bed (even with heating pad/blanket!) to get to sleep!  If the room isn’t super freezing, my feet warm up in like 15-20 minutes, and away I go.  It’s amazing.

Now, to figure out my adrenals here shortly.  They’re shot.  The saliva test will get to tell us how shot they are, if they’re still alive and kicking.  We’ll see what supplements he wants to put me on for those.  But I need something.  This constant exhaustion (you ever been able to sleep until 4-5pm and then be tired enough to go back to bed at 8-9pm?) just kinda sucks.

Made a big change

A few things came to the forefront, and I ended up making the decision to put going to our homeschool co-op on hold. We about never called in sick or anything – when we commit to something, we commit and follow through.

But I have other things that need my attention right now, without the planning and time of co-op taking away from it. Namely, the kids (11yo and I are having issues, and I’m not quite okay with letting our relationship ending like the one my father and I didn’t have), some school stuff (still trying to get on top of that, again, difficult with the 4yo flitting around), the house (keeping it tidy and fun to live in, possibly having the kitchen remodel happen), and the yard and outside stuff (the garden, redoing the roof, the gutters, the falling retaining wall).

The decision kind of hurts, but looking back, would I regret spending more time focusing on my own nuclear family? Probably not. We can always try going back in a semester or two. The kids’ main problem? Seeing their friends. Until I reassured them that we’d figure out one playdate a week with their friends, no problem. With that day freed up to get things done, that can give us a little more wiggle room for playdates whenever.

Finally got some snow

This year’s family photo.  That actually has all of us in it.  Wanted to get a photo of us running from Sue, but this was all the kids had patience for.  Plus, it was a holiday week so the museum was freakin’ packed.  We’re used to being the only five people in the place and having our run of it, not in a sea of hundreds.

Had a low-key Christmas.  Hubby got me a really cool recipe box, all personalized and such.  Kids got a rockin’ new go-kart, it’s bigger than the old one, so they can use it for forever.  So we have one the younger three can use, and one the 6+yo set can use.  Was so funny on Christmas (or the day after?) when hubby took it for a spin around the neighborhood.  He was pedaling down the street, steering with one hand, sipping his coffee with the other.  An SUV followed him down the street for a few houses before ours.  Their mouths were agape, and they both rubber-necked as they drove past us.  It was so amusing.  The kids love it.  Grandma got them a bucket as well, so they can shovel the driveway for us, and hubby has a local fabricator making chains for us.