Forgot to finish the last train museum!

I bet I got too tired to finish working with the bazillion photos.  But never fear.  The Ritzville Train Museum?  Still worth checking out when you’re passing through.

See how cute the train station was back in it’s heyday?  Those tracks are still super busy.  In about half an hour there, at least 3-5 trains will fly by.  Now there’s a fence between the station and the tracks, but still.

How I explained this was by bringing back Little House on the Prairie for them to think about.  :D  She was quite thrilled about it.

Sorry for the glare.  This is a replica of how wheat combines used to be.  This model has horses, and the big combine contraption behind it.  An uncle told me about how my grandfather talked about these.  They used a combination of horses and donkeys, if the critters decided to cooperate.  One was better at going up hills, the other animal was better at going down hills (I forget which is which now, I didn’t write it down, I should have).  They also needed at least 4-5 men per combine.  Now?  One guy, in an air conditioned, diesel powered combine.  Things sure changed in the last 70 years.

An old safe.  Pretty heavy sucker.

Remember these?!?  Yes, I’ve had to explain to the kids how the card catalog system worked.  And what that spit/rinse sink on the side of the old dental chair is for.  Because, again, they experience life a bit differently nowadays.

They thought the hair dryer/setter was some sort of torture device.  Not sure they were too far from the truth.

Sorry these next ones are blurry.  I was in a hurry, they were about to close.  An old physician’s table.  With antique wheelchair in the background.

Ever wonder what those ladies at the GTE operator place were sitting at?  Yup.  So cool.

Where the fun telegraph operator sits at.  He’s a hoot.

He’s also really good at explaining what these broom thingies are for.  Before the days of cell phones and what not, this is how the station masters would pass on notes to the folks on the caboose.  On a triplicate carbon copy to boot.

If you needed to ship containers, this was the groovy scale to weigh everything.  They charged by the weight I do believe.

The handcarts for moving around all the luggage and such.

The coolest hearse ever.  Horse drawn hearse and such.  It’s so neat.  Was retired from service long ago, and takes several days a year to detail to keep it shiny and fantastic.

Some old tools and such.


Homemade ricotta and adulting

I had some week-old milk not long ago that needed to be used before it went bad.  One groovy thing about raw milk is that when it starts getting a little funky, you can still turn it into something.  The homogenized/sterilized store milk, nope, no coming back from the putrid.

I didn’t get a photo of my ingredients, or of it on the stove.  I just bustled along, doing my thing.  I yoinked the recipe from somewhere a year or two back…  Just one gallon of whole milk, a quart of buttermilk, a cup of cream.  This was a half-batch, hence the small four-quart pot.  Heat to about 200*, pull off heat, let sit for 20-30 minutes, strain.

See, straining!  At this point, it’s rather blah, to be honest.

Until you mix in salt.  Then it becomes really, really yummy.  I have no idea how much salt I add, to be honest.  I just keep tossing in sprinkles, mixing, and tasting until I’m happy with it.

And voila, little containers of fabulous ricotta ready to go.  It freezes quite lovely, too.  So I’m ready to make quiche or lasagna or whatever I feel like that may need ricotta.  It really does taste so much better than the store stuff, and it’s more tender, too.  Yum.

On an entirely unrelated note, I hit Hastings recently.  Now that they’re going out of business, some of their books are actually affordable.  Go figure.  So I perused the “Blank for Dummies” section.  Those books aren’t exactly flying off the shelves, you know?  Score for me.  So many jobs nowadays are wanting someone with experience in QuickBooks.  Well, I don’t have that.  Yet.  It *will* happen.  Heck, back when I actually was working, PeachTree was the big program of the time.  I didn’t get to use it, but the place I worked did.  Anyway, these should keep me busy for a bit.


Mining Tour, Part 7

Now on to the jail!  The kids kinda didn’t want to stop here.  But since I was the only one driving, I outvoted them.  Once they got over the whole stopping in a random little town thing, they had fun.  It’s a super fantastic one, The Deer Lodge Museum.  An extra fun bonus?  You buy your admission and tickets, and do your thing.  But!  Keep your receipt!  Keep your receipt and you can go back one more time within the year following your receipt date!  Which you may need, it’s a whole lot of museums (yes, more than one!) to get into.

Of course they all climbed into the old car.  Of course.  And who’s at the wheel?  Yup, the car crazy child.


It’s so cool.   Like Shawshank Redemption, but smaller.  So neat to be able to wander around it though.


Look at how thick those outside walls are!



This flat spot is where the gym and classroom used to be.  No longer there, but still.





An old shift schedule up on a wall.  Still almost filled in from back in the 70’s.

Right when you walk into the building.

The visitation room.




The medical office.  They did all manner of things there.  That tripped out the kids, that there weren’t different rooms/offices for each specialty.



Oh yes, the riot.  Yes, my 10yo correctly identified a bazooka.  I’m not sure whether to be proud, or a little concerned.  Going with proud for the moment.
wp_20160812_033 wp_20160812_034

Things they shouldn’t have made in their cells.  Lots of shivs, eh?  Certainly can’t fault their creativity.


wp_20160812_038 wp_20160812_039 wp_20160812_040 wp_20160812_041

Who knew circuit breakers and typewriters were so neato?


This is where they had the execution area.  Trippy, eh?

wp_20160812_046 wp_20160812_047 wp_20160812_048
Hahaha.  Their facial expressions crack me up.  This was basically solitary.  Bad guys lived here.
wp_20160812_049 wp_20160812_050 wp_20160812_051 wp_20160812_052 wp_20160812_053 wp_20160812_054 wp_20160812_055

Then we had enough time to check out the caboose here.  A little different than the one in Ritzville, but still cool.
wp_20160812_057 wp_20160812_058 wp_20160812_059

Yup.  Story of my life.wp_20160812_060 wp_20160812_061 wp_20160812_062

The last spike.  And I swear they dressed themselves.  Just so happened they chose all red, that was amusing.