It’s allergy time!

Allergies started up again in the spring to about a week or two ago.  I detest allergies.  I didn’t start having them until about age 7, and then boom.  Super fun.  Drippy nose, water and itchy eyes, asthma acting up, all that jazz.  For years I took Benedryl, then I got pregnant with my 12yo.  Doctor told me to take Sudafed/Actifed instead when I was pregnant.  So then I took Sudafed for years.  Turns out it dried me out more than I ever knew.  Those meds dry out mucosal membranes – *all* mucosal membranes.  Who knew.  Took some time for me to figure that out apparently.

A few years back I started taking homeopathics.  Honestly, it started as a lark.  I found a little triad of homeopathic Boiron deals for a song at Grocery Outlet, figured for a couple bucks it would be worth trying out.  Holy smokes, they actually worked!  Kept taking them, and trying a few different ones, and I have tweaked my little regimen.  It changes periodically depending on what I need.

My current go-to array is bee pollen (I use local stuff, but this gives you an idea), with Sabadil as needed.  For a brutal day or two a few weeks back, I did break down and take a Claritin.  The cottonwood fluff was flying around everywhere, making it look like snow.  Other helpful homeopathics on hand are histaminum hydrochloricum, galphimia glauca, and the Similisan Allergy Eye drops are uh-mazing.  I seriously wish I’d had these eye drops in my high school days.  I’d claw my eyes, they’d be all red and puffy.  To where I’d need to snag a washcloth soaked in cold water (or with ice cubes wrapped up in it) to sooth my poor eyes.  These eye drops totally take care of that, it’s fabulous.  I certainly don’t sell them, they pretty much sell themselves once you use them.

Radishes of some variety?

Yup, what radishes look like when they go to seed.  I need to check my garden map from last year to figure out the variety, but there shall be seeds.  And hey, how about that, should have plenty to put in envelopes and sell in the fall as well.  Mwahahaha.  You can also see parsley there in between all the radishes, too.  Well, and weeds.  I suck at weeding, especially this year.


Sage is going to seed already

Sage that keeps coming back in the garden.  The lovely purple flowers sage has when it sets seed are so pretty.  I plan to save seeds from these this year as well, to sell in the fall.  You certainly know that seeds from my yard are from the hardy stuff, since I’m rather lackadaisical in that regard.  If it can’t hold it’s own, it won’t make it in my garden.
The bees love flittering around the blossoms, too.  You can also see my arnica there in the background that’s also trying to take over this end of the raised bed as well.