Finding little things

Today was a flurry of getting some homework done, and packing the kids up for their dad’s house. Week on/week off would be unsettling enough for an adult, so you can imagine how challenging it is for kids. Things get forgotten (despite me reminding them to put shoes on several times), whathaveyou.

So I typically have to tidy up behind them after they’re gone. So I can have a marginally less messy house to enjoy for a brief respite. Years ago, I found these cool math wrap-up’s for practicing math drills/facts. We have addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. The kids used them for a bit when homeschooled, a short time after they started school, then things started getting taken or packed away.

Today after the house was silent, I found one of the math wrap-up’s on the coffee table (next to cello rosin, we live wildly here!).

I think my 11yo dug them up from the cube wall in the basement where I have various activities and supplies stashed.

This particular one was division. I know I’ve seen the multiplication one up here somewhere, too.

Learning can be done while hanging upside down off the couch. Which, yes, has happened more than once. Plus the tactile fun and constant movement with these helps my sensory seeking 10yo focus a bit more. Win-win!

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