He’s really walking now.  Can get into his older brother’s things even more, much to brother’s dismay.

Onions are really perking up, and the sprouts have grown an inch to four inches (for a few of them!) in the last week or so.  When I finished transplanting, I pulled off the dead stuff and snipped the tops to give ’em a little kick in the pants.

Tomatoes seem to have done well overnight, we’ll see how they do tomorrow.

Hoping to finish mulching the strawberries (there’s little green berries!) and blueberries (little white/blue berries!) today, and hopefully can convince dh to rototill a certain part of the garden (because, let’s face it, I don’t want to) so I can plant the potatoes.  Everything else can wait another few days to few weeks.  The tomato plants I started are still tiny and defenseless seedling-looking things, so I think I’m going to keep them in for probably another two weeks.

Asthma has been acting up, especially when I dig.  Big holes, hand tilling, etc.  Allergies are going nuts.  There’s a few spots around the house where there’s a line of green from the rain that pulled all the pollen down to the ground.  Crazy.

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