I am a seed whore.  I think this might be my last round of purchases for *this* year…

He’s decided he likes playing outside.  A lot.  To where he’ll whine at the screen door until we get him dressed and out.  Have I mentioned he’s mostly walking now?  So, I just need to find some cheap/partially beat up Shoo-Shoos (in a boyish pattern, I’m picky that way) in size 12-18mo for him as he’s almost busting out of the old 6-12mo ones from the older one.  They are dirty and beat to hell though, but still work. 

Older one got a time-out for this.  Decided to throw straw all over the yard.  And untie the bale so it could fall apart with a strong wind.  Without our permission.  If he listened and followed our directions I wouldn’t be as upset.  I did manage to mulch part of the strawberries the other day though.  Need to finish this weekend.  Involves cutting up the straw with scissors though, which is tedious.  Hoping dh will have time to “mow” some of the straw and make much quicker work of it.

Lettuce is getting bigger.  So excited for fresh lettuce! 

Planted a bunch more stuff today.  Need to write it down somewhere in a garden log or something (so I have a clue when I did what).  Here is more lettuce and a second round of marigolds from seeds that came from flowers this year.  I haven’t a clue whether they’ll come up or if they need a dormant period.  Ah, the adventure.

Transplanted tomatoes.  No more room in the pantry for any more.  So of course I dug a huge hole.  Hopefully it’ll work and the maters will still be alive tomorrow (it’s getting down to 42* tonight supposedly – so I insulated all the cups with dirt, put the baby greenhouse on, and backfilled dirt so wind will have a really tough time getting in).

That big hole I dug?  No, those aren’t potatoes.  Those are rocks.  And my size 7 foot.  I’m not awful fond of the house’s previous owners, even if they were a reverend and his wife.  There are freakin’ potato sized rocks just 6 inches down in the “garden”!  Argh!  

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  1. I think I’m a worse seed whore.  I’m still buying seeds.  They were on sale what can I say and they were organic.  I love Baker Creek though.  They have the best catalog.  Love your blog and your pics.  Cathy

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