First, is there such a thing as too much basil?  Yes, I’m dead serious.  Give me a number as to how many plants you think is too much for a family of four.  And we’ll see how my insanity compares. 

In a related brain dump, I have around 125-130 tomato plants (all but four that I started myself).  31+ pepper plants.  I almost wish I were joking.  *sigh*

The older one and I went to the farmers market today.  Saw a bay (leaf) tree at The Herb Lady.  Decided what the hell.  We use bay leaves enough that it’s not a stupid idea.  I plan to just stick it in one of my dollar tree pots once I get the marigolds out to intersperse with everything else, so when the weather gets colder I can just bring that sucker back inside. 
To the right is my row of onions in the front of the house.  I’ll be harvesting the back half or so for green onions when I plant the zucchini and cucumber.  At least that’s my plan.

Aren’t the purple flowers pretty?  I love those cute chive flowers, they just make me happy.  Need to relocate though, dh wants to play with the blocks they’re in.  No worries, I’m working on getting the hang of companion planting.

The remnants of our glorious yet gigantic lilacs.  They don’t last long.

Finally finished!  Think no-weed thoughts for me.    If I can get away with only pulling like a dozen weeds from this entire 4×12-foot area this summer I will be dancing for joy.  I detest weeding.


4 thoughts on “

  1. the lilacs are done too soon!!
    It is hard to have too much Basil as you can freeze pesto (or can it  but frozen tastes better, IMO)
    But more than 100 tomato plants will keep you very, very busy. hee.

  2. It’s a bummer that the lilacs come and go so quickly. Yay for the little guy! Though the big guy has my sympathy. I have two little sisters so I know all about people getting into your stuff. Very cute pic of the little one below.

  3. i agree with julie, no such thing as too much. i plant a 2′ x 6 ‘ portion of a row as thick as i can, plus 1’ squares between each of the tomato plants and make pesto, sauces, frozen chopped basil… it is a vegetable in our house, not an herb. sorry i didnt respond right away, busy with new calf and milking duties. yes, the wheat straw is great at keeping weeds down, plus leaches phosphorous, and keeps the ground moist and cool. there are many other benefits specific to straw but no time!tabitha

  4. I wish so much we lived closer together! how did you get so many tomatoes!?!? I only have 5 plants… but i was wanting 10. I’m not sure how they will do. last year they were in the shade and I got like 1 real tomato. I want lots and lots of onions next year – my favorite vegetable!

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