The one where I play catch up

I’ve been on facebook and on a few message boards I haunt, but haven’t been on here much.  Meh.  It comes and goes.  So.

Hubby quit his job last week.  Yeah, let that sink in for a minute.

Packed up his office, said goodbye to the president of his company, packed up his rented room, and drove home.  I was anxiously checking the front window until about 2am that day. 
Yes, we are officially unemployed.  Yes, we have zero health insurance.  Yes, the oldest turns 7yo on Wednesday, and Christmas is coming on like a freight train.  Yes, it is the end of the harvest season and I still need 1000-1300lbs of apples.  It happens.  This is why we have some savings.

The environment there and the expectations were….  Oof.  Life is too short for that kind of bullshit and 105 hour work weeks.  Why yes, he had several weeks like that.  With no extra nod of compensation (more back story to that even, but I’ll leave it at that).  Even if we end up in a van down by the river, at least we’ll all be in the same van together, you know?  There a few things in the hopper… he’s even flying out on the oldest’s birthday this week for an interview.  We’ll see what happens.  Now, as for around here…

Bear was hungry.

This is down the street.  For sale.  I drool every. single. time. I drive past it.  Soooo pretty.  Even if superhero green isn’t my favorite.

This was the den at some point… like 2-3 weeks ago?  Only have the apples left.  And the watermelon.

Only where I live will you see a full-sized motorhome towing a camper trailer.

I made hubby go grab some of these from a little kitchen shop in PDX.  Reusable canning lids!  No BPA!!  Awesome!!!

Not one to just dilly dally, we jumped right in with the lids.  Just a few at first in case of user error.  I jump in with both feet, but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid.

Why yes, that is Oregon Albacore tuna.  Yum.

Next round.  Tuna, last of the peaches (finally!!!) and homemade Tomato Soup.  No HFCS in this soup!!

Closer up of peaches and tomato soup.  More Tattler lids.  Yes, there’s a few tiny tomato soups – my 4yo loves “cute” or kid-sized things.  Whatever works.

Last of the tuna.  Got a whole 33 pints.  No point in half-pints with my size of family.  Again, yum.  Need to find a less expensive fish-monger to track down next year though.  Otherwise, chicken of the sea it is.

Right now I’ve got 13 pints of tomato soup cooling on the counter, and 17 pints of corn in the canner.  Need to call my orchard guy today.  It’s apple time.

2 thoughts on “The one where I play catch up

  1. fantastic news!  J has wanted to do that SO many times.  if we didn’t have a kid with insane medical needs, he would have by now.  I have total faith that things will go awesome for you.  you deserve it!!!!  (((((hugs)))))

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