The one with the kids. That keep getting bigger.

He’s crawling. 

He’s gotten quite good at it.  And sitting up.

And he’s quite happy about it.

Yes, the poor boy is put in his sister’s hand-me-downs if they fit him.

Come on, I couldn’t pass up this kind of matchy photo op.

The 7mo and his sister’s Dolly.  Yup, apparently that’s the doll’s name.  There’s worse. 

Almost 7yo, 4.5yo.  Tinkerbell is quite enthralling.

She’s a total cheese.  Every once in a while I get a totally cute photo like this.  Not often enough, I swear.

She loves her “pretties.”  Aka, a dress, hair clips, hair bands, etc. – whatever she’s pointing at that’s hers, is a pretty.  Girly stuff. 
Why yes, she’s enthralled with Tinkerbell, too.

She had two nail clippers hostage.  She was having fun.

Yes, our bathroom counter is orange.  Could’ve been worse – variegated avocado green would be harder to match towels to.


2 thoughts on “The one with the kids. That keep getting bigger.

  1. why does it seem like your kids grow at twice the rate as mine? is it just that I’m not your kids mom??? I don’t get it. every time I see your kids they look twice as old! heh funny stuff.Did I ever write you back? I have this annoying habit of writing people back in my head… and then realizing it much leter that I never put it on paper (so to speak) and so as far as they are concerned I never bothered to write back. hmmm… drives me crazy when other people do that to me! so did I write you??

  2. @HennyPenne – You just post photos of yours much less often than mine.  But mine have a tendency to grow like weeds.  We’re in size 8/10 pajamas now.  Nope, you never wrote me back, slacker. 😛  

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