I have a problem.  A serious problem.
I just can’t help myself around gardening stuff anymore.  *sigh*   If it’s not one thing, it’s another.
While blissfully shopping a few nights ago after hitting the gym, I passed by a big ole seed display.  Tons of stuff from the place I ordered most of my seeds this year.  And what do I see in addition to bunches of seed packets?
Blue potatoes!

They were so darn cute, how could I *not* give them a loving home?

In a completely unrelated note, we are the nicest, but quite possibly the strangest neighbors you could ever have.

Ahem.  That was dh’s doing.  The big one was ‘riding’ it too close to the street, wouldn’t listen, and it got taken away so he wouldn’t get run over.

He likes pancakes.  I’m a total space cadet and had just forgotten I
could make our own pancakes for breakfast.  So I just halve the recipe,
make a bunch of little ones (hey, easy portioning and *way* easier to
flip) and yum.  Now I’ll be working on some fun variations… I forsee
little apple-cinnamon pancakes in the boys’ future.

Finally finished weeding that front bed.  Those damn brick edger thingies took off some skin from my hands, but eh.  It happens.  The current tentative plan is to have dh move those rosebushes off to the side, put those green cagey/fency things up against the house (roses are a little in the way right now).  Add some compost, plant my onion starts, then after the last frost I’ll plant my zucchini and cucumbers, and have them climb up.  Yes, I’ll try and make the entire bed as useful and productive as possible. 

This was my birthday splurge.  I told dh he could wrap it up for me if he wanted.    I’ve actually been sort of on the lookout for something like this.  The cuter it is and nicer it is, the more I’ll use it.  The homemade one I attempted to start just sucked, and I don’t think it’s been touched in a long time.  So yeah, my birthday present was $9.  Of course I already got my big birthday/anniversary present back in January, but still.

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  1. I had to look at the house pic for a minute to figure out your neighbors comment.  That cracks me up!!  Brilliant.
    You can’t say “no” to blue potatoes. 
    Nice recipebook!  We are pancake fans, here, too.  With chocolate chip being the clear favorite.  At least they are whole wheat. 

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