For Bex. 
I just wrote down what we did.  Nothing too fancy.


9pm – Took out homemade macaroni and cheese to thaw for dinner tomorrow
N was up most of the night – turns out not only is he pretty much teething, but he’s sick as well. 

7:30am – N nursed, I tried to get him back down to sleep.  He fussed and played in his bed for a while

8:45am – A woke up and came in to cuddle with me in bed.
Got the boys fresh diapers, dressed to go to…
9:25am – Check on seedlings, turned off light that I left on all night (oops).  Also put the diapers on a finah rinse.

9:30am – Starbucks
10am-11am – Check email and blogs, A played outside, N played inside.
– Checked on lettuce out in baby greenhouse.  Looks like a cat got
inside and decided it was a nice warm place to hang out (a nice cat
butt-shaped depression under it).

11-11:25am – Vacuum living room and dining room with “help” from both.
– N down for a nap, cleaned the bathroom counter, scrubbed the bathtub,
took a shower, got dressed, pulled the clothes out of the dryer, put
shower curtain and towels in washer.

12:30pm – Put away clean dishes, load the dishwasher
* * Futurama was on from maybe 9:30am-1pm – when I was up in the bathroom A was watching it and playing with his legos or trains.
1pm – Make lunch – nuked leftover broccoli beef from last night.
1-1:30pm – Dh home for lunch.
1:30 – I finally finish my own lunch – I eat slow.
1:45 – A down for a nap.

1:55 – Cookie dough out of fridge.
1:57 – A poopy.  Down for a nap.  Again.
2 – Finish dishes.  Put N in his highchair with a sippy and a roll.  Mess ensues.
– Clean up the mess we call N’s high chair, plot how to reorganize the
kitchen (yes, again *sigh*), check on the seedlings and turn the lights
back on.

2:30 – Fresh cookies!  Check email, keep N entertained (building a
lego house for him to destroy, my plant labels, anything to keep him
from waking up his brother).  Check blogs, too. 
3:30 – N down for a nap, A wakes up cranky from his nap.
3:40 – A eats two yogurts, his disposition gets slightly better.
3:45 – Put shower curtain and towels on clothesline.
3:50 – Put kitchen rags and towels in washing machine, water indoor seedlings with A’s help.
4:50 – N up from nap.
5-6 – We hang out in the living room watching Futurama and the kids play.
6 – Dh home.
6:10 – Dinner in the oven and on stove.
6:15-6:30 – I hang out in the bathroom with help from N.
6:40 – Check on dinner, cut up carrots for kids to cool off, wash high chair tray, feed kids.
7:07 – A poops again, mid carrot eating.  Has a fit about carrots, wants macaroni and cheese first (he didn’t win).
7:10-7:25 – I finally get to eat dinner.
7:25 – Dinner dishes in dishwasher.
7:30 – Laundry in from clothesline, shower curtain back up in bath tub, towels in dryer with kitchen towels.
7:45 – Nurse N to sleep.
8:10 – Get ready for gym (i.e. put on a bra, put on shoes and socks, go to the bathroom).
8:25 – Leave for gym.
10:10 – Back from gym (sometimes this takes longer as I’ll do errands on my way to the gym – like swing by the ATM, whatever).
10:15 – Cookie dough out to warm, cut up an apple for me.
10:20 – Check email while eating apple.
11pm – Cookie time!
11:15 – Fold and put away towels, turn off seedling lights.
11:30 – Fold and put away one load of clothes.
11:45pm – Fold two loads of diapers (only ended up getting about half of them done, but still).
12:35am – N wakes up to nurse, also change his diaper.
12:45am – Lights out for dh and I.  I don’t fall asleep.
1:10-2:10 – Both kids want to cuddle, nurse, just be fussy.  Do a giant
snot suck on N around 1:40ish – I’m still impressed by the giant snot
that took three squeezes of the bulb to get all the way out of the
bulb.  At 2am I remember I have Tylenol.  Use it.  On both of them.
3:45 – Someone’s fussy.  Think it was A.

7:20am – Dh up to take a shower.
7:45 – N up to nurse, I pray he goes back down.
8am – No dice.  Both are up.  I stick Tylenol in both of them.
8:10 – Build a fire – it was a chilly 71* in the living room.
8:15-8:40 – Make french toast, turn on seedling lights, feed bread pieces to N, add wood to fire.
8:45am – Attacked N with the snot-sucker, started a washer load of diapers.
8:55 – A done with his french toast, wash his hands and swipe his nose with a tissue.
9am – Futurama is on.  Don’t judge.  It’s better than me throwing them
naked out in the rain.  I can’t even remember when I took my Sudafed
last night (and I can’t OD on it otherwise my milk supply will go down
even more), my nose is running, my head hurts, and I’m exhausted.

Looking at this, well, I think I have more of a sleep problem than a
thyroid problem.  I’ve been sick for a week and a half (dh seems to be
done with this damn cold), and it got better this weekend – when I’d
gotten some sleep because my mom was up here.  Anyway, yesterday was a
bit cleaning heavy because I’d been meaning to do those things for
almost two weeks (well, except the diapers), and had a bizarre burst of
energy to do it.  I don’t think I’ll get a whole lot done today.  Doubt we’ll even leave the house.  I wish I could do more.  But I never can.  Just one of those things.  HGTV will never be in my house, unless it’s for something like Clean Sweep or whatnot (yes, I know it’s a TLC show, I’m just making a point).

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