I did get to the gym, despite the ice rink like conditions out there.  It was mostly just wet on the way down there, so I wasn’t that worried.  Then while I was in the cardio room, about 15-20 minutes after I got to the gym I saw a bunch of cop cars, with lights flashing and everything.  Eh, no biggie.  There’s like 4 bars within a block and people always get pulled over around there for speeding or not signaling or something like that.  So I thought nothing of it, because I’m used to seeing cops there all the time.

Then I left.  Oh my.  There were at least 8 cop cars, probably more.  The whole block  and then some was cordoned off with police tape.    They hadn’t taped off part of the sidewalk to the side-street, but my car was literally across from the gym’s entrance in the parking lot across the street.  Nope, I couldn’t jaywalk, I had to walk down the now-extremely-very-slick-and slightly-crunchy sidewalk, almost get run over by a car that didn’t bother to slow down for a very slow pedestrian and almost didn’t see the police tape.  Whatever.

I had no less than three cops ask exactly where I was going.  Umm, slowly to my car so I can get out of this mess?  None of the cops would tell me what was going on, either.  Then as I’m about to pull our of my parking spot, this giant thing that looked like the product of a Humvee mating with an armored truck that then went on steriods pulls in.  Right next to me.  It has the (Town) Police Investigation Unit written all over the side of it.  So here there I was, in my little Subaru, doing a freakin’ 5 point turn to get out of the spot that blasted truck cornered me in.

And.  I can’t find any news on what on earth happened, either.  Nothing on the local news stations or anything.  Haven’t tried the newspaper, but it would’ve probably already been to print by 10:30 last night.  Damn, I’m just curious now.

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  1. Bizarre!  It sounds like a major drug bust or hostage situation.  Very very odd.  Do update if you find out what it was.

  2. crazy! let us now if you figure it out. somethign like that happened about 50 ft from our house a few years ago. finally we hear dit on the news – someone had confessed to killing his friend eight years ago and burrying him in the woods next to our home. nice.

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