Holy mama drama, Batman!

I’m a mod/owner of a local mommies group (through an online group thing).  And in the last two months our membership has almost doubled (is it just the season?).  So we’re trying to figure out exactly what we’re doing, how to do it, etc.  And the hissy fits are everywhere.  On other groups, I just ignore the drama and delete messages.  I don’t get my panties in a twist, I don’t get involved, I delete and move on.  Well, that’s too hard for some gals to comprehend. 
So (I think) we’re attempting to come to a decent compromise (it’s either that or mutiny I believe).  Damn our hormones. Oh, and since I’m the mod?  I can’t ignore it and wait for it to go away.  The whole damned if you do, damned if you don’t thing rings quite true right now.

Off to create a bunch of polls and see if we lose any members in the process… 

ETA: Kate – You gonna invite me to your (new?) blog yet or just lurk? 


4 thoughts on “

  1. Good luck! I’ve quit posting on some sites because of all the drama. I lurk mostly now. I have enough drama in real life…I don’t need cyber-drama! I hope you all can work things out.

  2. I’m also so over the online group thing. I have my fake online friends that I keep up with via blogs and email and I like meeting new people online, but the whole flame war over sensitive my baby is better than your baby and I’m just better than you period thing….. I’m done with.
    I have one group that I’ve just gone to lurking mostly because, we’ll half the women I can’t stand but yet we’ve been “together” for so long I just can’t quit them.
    Online drama, even if you are a mod, you can ignore.  Those who create the drama or fan it need to find something better to do. Unless you’re getting paid. And if that’s the case, I hope you’re getting paid a lot
    Good luck with it.

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