What do we see here?  The neighborhood hippie in a common outdoor state…

Complete with spit up and drool all over her neck and shirt.

So just what was that crazy hippie doing outside in tonight’s cool, overcast evening?

Moving on… my little moose.  All 20ish pounds and 27.25 inches.

If you want proof that there is a God…

Spaghetti sauce made my tongue feel funny last night, plus I’ve been tired, and was feeling slightly nauseated last night as well.  Our reaction was “Thank God!”  Need to start pricing out the big V or something that doesn’t involve major messing with my internal organs because I’m already a bitch – start messing with hormones and you’ve got a *really* bad situation.

Other than that, house is a mess (I’ve even got pictures to prove it!).  My family *might* have dry bathmats to use tomorrow, but that may be pushing it.  We’ll see.

Trying to find money to participate in a Blue Canoe coop.  I want matching underwear and bras.  I miss those days.

Lastly, my big accomplishment for yesterday afternoon was going through all the kid clothes.  Putting away outgrown stuff, sorting into sizes and placing things accordingly in the dressers.  I’m pretending that we’re organized in there. 

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  1. I want to snuggle your little moose’s sleepy little neck in that pic!! I wish you were my neighbor, funky hippie mama. I just learned (about 3-4 weeks ago?) to wear Abigail in the kzy on my back. It’s the best, especially for trying to be productive and attached at the same time. Great produce! Will you can it? Also, I think we took the same test yesterday. My reaction was very similar to yours.
    I have been hearing all these wonderful things about Blue Canoe. What’s so special? (Not being snarky–really curious)
    And I did the big clothes sort a few weeks ago for a yard sale. It feels good to know that everything is in it’s respective place size-wise and gender-wise. I try to keep an open rubbermaid container (open in terms of room in the bin, not the lid being off) in the kids’ closet so when they out grow an outfit or something I can put it away immediately. Kind of a running project…
    You are so productive!!

  2. Someone looks kissably cute in his longies!!   My goodness, didn’t you just have that child?  They get big so fast!!
    If I had my way I’d eat all the cherry tomatoes in that basket.  Mmmmmmmmm.
    I’m glad you got the result you wanted!  Dh got the big V last summer and it’s been fabulous ever since.
    I’ve got some Blue Canoe bras.  Love ’em! 

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