My planner version 3.0

Just a walk through.  I’ve explained my planner more than a few times previously, this is mostly a visual tour.The front.  The black floral pattern/print has pretty well faded.  I have a plan for replacing it.  It involves a placemat.

My little plastic zipper pouch with pens, erasable pens (super cool, the Frixion ones at Tokyo Pen Shop), pencil and clicky eraser.  And coupons.  When I come across coupons for something I might use, I cut it out, and shove into this pouch so I have it on hand if I’m in a position to use it.

My categories.  Currently homeschooling/co-op, [weekly then monthly] calendar, finance/planning, gardening, harvest/canning, recipes, spiritual, price lists, notes and blank sheets, addresses.

The homeschool planning section.  Books to read, kits to find, planning out the weeks, whatever needs to be written down.

The busiest part of my planner.  The weekly to-do.  My plans, kids plans, things that need to get done that week, grocery lists on post-its, menu planning on the far right blocks, you name it.  Whatever needs to be written down.
This was a pretty busy week, and you can tell I love my post-its.  😀  I had to rearrange a few of them to cover up a few details.

My newest attempt at keeping myself organized for school.  The big green post-it has the weekly stuff we’re all going to do together (well, at least that’s the plan), the little yellow/green/pink post-its have the weekly stuff my older three kids need to do.  So they can check things off as they finish them.  Again, that’s the idea.  We’ll see how it works out in the next few weeks.  Bonus, if we don’t entirely finish something, I can just move the post-it to the next week until we finish.  Don’t have to erase/scribble things out, yeehaw.

The monthly overview.  At the end of my weekly stuff.  A pocket divider is in between them, for other random stuff that needs a home that isn’t punched out or whatnot.

The finances/planning section.  Here, you see my post-it for needed school supplies, and my not-to-scale drawing of the cabinet/counter hubby and I are going to build for the basement.  Eventually.

On the left is my sheet of planning by the month – big things I need to be ready/budgeting for.
On the right is my spreadsheet of kid clothes.  I shop consignment little bits at a time, not one fell swoop at a retail store.

Gardening section.  Stuff I need to plant, at what point in the growing season I need to harvest certain herbs, a layout of how I’d hoped the garden would be this year (gotta have high hopes, didn’t quite work out this year).

Canning list from last year, and my short cheat sheet of canning – times, headspace, etc.

Recipes/meal planning.  Still working on this.  I’m not always as organized as I’d like food-wise.  It takes up so much of my day as it is, feeding all six of us all 3-4 times a day.  Slowly but surely.

Spiritual.  I do my own thing, I’m okay with it.

Price lists.  Still working on how to make them print out how I want.  I need to get them double-sided, but I have problems with my inkjet doing that kind of stuff (things printed on the inkjet don’t bleed/do weird stuff when wet like the color printer stuff).

Local phone numbers that I need.  Used different colors for each place, and also put down the hours so I already know/have it on hand.  Because I’m a spaz that way, and can’t remember everything.

Business cards I have in the back.  I have a tendency to give cards to folks… Looking for raw honey?  I know a gal.  Need swim lessons at a chlorine free pool?  I know some ladies  Need someone who can order you 300lbs of grain?  I know a guy.

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