There’s asparagus!

Dandelions and asparagus on the 19th.  Dandelion trimmings are in the freezer, waiting for me to harvest more to make a batch of jelly.

Asparagus on the 20th.

Asparagus on the 21st.

Asparagus bed!  It’s not so much a treasure hunt in most of it now.  And after I finished up most of it there (it’s taken be a few days to get this far – what with kids and all that), it was nice enough to rain for me to make the plants happy.  😀

I’d forgotten how nice the soil was in the strawberry/raised beds.  We sifted/screened it so there’s hardly any rocks in there.  Pretty darned cool.  Hubby’s been awesome and pulling out weeds and such from it and tilling it back up into fluffiness.

Cutie.  He really, really likes climbing.  A lot.

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