I have a greenhouse! Eeee!

Eeeeeeh!  My hubby put this particular lovely together for me the last two days.    Yeah, he’s pretty much awesome.

My mom was here, so I spent some time out here planting goodies in the ground, getting stuff all potted up and going. 

I even got to plant/sort/whatever in the rain – since I had the roof over me, I didn’t get soaked.  Too fun.

And things are happening around the yard…  Apple buds.

Little garlic shoots (that I need to mulch with compost).

Lilac buds.

The pear trees I left in pots last year?  Survived!!!!  Whoo-hoo!  Camera didn’t want to focus on the buds, but they’re there!

Yeah, from the middle of the yard the greenhouse doesn’t look all that big compared to the rest of the garden.  Eh, that’s okay.  I can always get hubby’s help with hoophouses and such later on if need be.  This is a good start, and it’s pretty darn cute.

These raised beds?  Something new will be happening here this year.  Not 100% sure what we’re doing, but I think we have a tentative plan, and it involves seriously mulching walking paths to eradicate the stupid grass going places I don’t want it to.

Yeah, the raised beds went to pot (well, weeds/bermuda grass that went to seed) last year.  😦  I feel bad, and it sucks because it leaves more work for us this year.  Ah well.  It’ll get better within a few years.

Um, got raspberries?  This was not even a dozen canes a few years ago.  We transplanted them from the full-on middle of the garden bed and stuck ’em here at the end.  I need to pull a few and transplant or give away or something.  Mmmm…. seedless raspberry jam…

6 thoughts on “I have a greenhouse! Eeee!

  1. Very nice!  My husband got me a greenhouse for Christmas, but it is going to be another month before we can get it up.  I appreciate the inspiration.  I have some recipes for raspberry jelly and chocolate raspberry jam.  Also I highly recommend homemade raspberry wine!  I’m loving it.  Thanks for the garden tour.

  2. @Bonnie – Oooh, Seedless Chocolate Raspberry Jam….  Now *that* would be a good morning with toast…  😀@Heather – Costco.  Ours actually still had a few in stock last time I was there.  They also have fruit trees, which at about $12/pop is also more my speed than the $25-$45 other local folks want for fruit trees. 

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