Hold on to your horses, here we go.

The day before we left for the middle of nowhere, I got a few things in the mail.
Lunch carrying paraphenalia…

That the big one immediately had to put to use.  He now points at them and claims it’s “A’s lunchbox!”

Also got my last seed order of the season (I hope).

Which then got crammed into my seed box.  Yes, I’m ambitious.

The infamous April 2nd, 2007.  This was after it started thawing, though.

The milk jugs from this morning.

The big one helped me get dirt into all of those little “pots.”  Then I started figuring out what I wanted and where with those handy little yellow ID thingies.

Getting there…

My “help.”

So here’s what’s currently sitting out in my driveway because it’s now a sunny, slightly windy, 70 degrees out.

In case you’re curious, 6-7 kinds of tomatoes (I’ve already forgotten), feverfew, marigolds, cilantro, mint, 3 kinds of peppers, lots of basil, dill, and something else I can’t remember.
Now I need dh to get my lights and such going downstairs.

3 thoughts on “

  1. they say it may snow here tomorrow. can I just tell yu how NOT happy that makes me. snow the day before Easter is against some sort of Maryland law I am sure.I love those lunch containers. I saw them at greenfest and fell in love!

  2. I love the house and pics from the zoo!  I have a bunch of seed started, it was 78 here today and i was able to clear out a place for my garden.
    I love the stainless lunch pail….where’d ya get them?  Leo has a basket but may not want to carry it next year 🙂

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