Last one, I promise. 

What the IL’s got the little guy for Christmas:

What the IL’s got me for Christmas (well, technically I suppose they’ll be for the boys, but still). 

And what *I* think is pretty cool about these albums is that you can
also do vertical photos in addition to horizontal photos – unlike the
Hallmark ones.  So I’m pretty psyched.  Now to figure out when to sit
down and put the photos and such all together…  I probably should actually print out photos sometime soon, huh….

The IL’s gave us money for presents, so there we go, being somewhat practical (remember the $70 binoculars for the 3yo?).  And
really, what toys does the little guy have that we don’t already have
here in the house?  So the other stuff I’m gonna get him is maybe a ‘baby’s first Christmas’ ornament and some more soft plastic-covered spoons (have you smashed your gums or teeth against a spoon lately? ouch…).  How exciting. 

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  1. So do you scrapbook? Or are those regular albums? I don’t scrapbook but I love the idea of it. We reeeally need to do something about getting all our pics out of the harddrive and into an album. You are motivating me!

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