Always a good reminder

I received this, many, many years ago. Maybe… 24? 25? years ago. From my girl scout leader, Marla.

I cannot for the life of me remember what badge we were earning, or what project we had taken on. But she gave everyone in the troop one of these (I’m pretty sure). I’ve kept it, all these years.

Because it’s been an inspiration when inspiration is needed.

Because it reminds me of my lovely girl scout days. Where I gained a number of skills I use to this day, where I gained some desperate my needed confidence in myself, and gained some lovely friends.

Because it reminds me that no matter how #&$!@% life gets, I’m still going to handle it like a boss, in my own way.

It also goes to show that one seemingly small act, can last a lifetime. I wouldn’t have a clue (nor would she), if we walked past each other at this point in life. But this one kernel, such a small vote of confidence in an angsty, young teenager, is still there.

Better if your acts and actions are used positively and kindly, no? I’d rather leave behind a legacy of kindness. Helping people out when I can. Or at the very least, just being nice. Complimenting someone on their mermaid hair. Or how cheerful and good they are at their job. Those don’t cost anything but several seconds of your time, but can immediately brighten someone’s day.

How are you going to brighten someone’s day today?


My hubby’s funny.

Today his boss said to him something like “So when are you going to finally move down here?”
Hubby’s response?  “When you guys give me enough time off to finish my house.”
Boss?  Speechless. 

Heh.  Guess he wasn’t expecting the truth or such a blunt answer. 
He may have hired the wrong guy then.  Hah.

(I think I’m remembering this right – hubby was telling me this on the phone today while I had screaming banshees in the background… and they always squeal while I’m on the phone, every. single. time.  So annoying.)