Hand saved, heirloom seeds!

It’s about time to plan for the coming year’s garden, or to winter sow your seeds!
What better to plant your garden than lovingly hand-saved seeds?
These are all acclimated to my chilly Zone 5 garden.  No chemicals, my children eat dirt from the yard and lick rocks.  Seriously.  Which is why I don’t do chemicals.
As a bonus?  All these seeds are from unkillable plants.  Some have been ignored, forgotten to be watered, etc.  And they keep going.  I adore these plants, they keep self seeding themselves.  Which for a woman who is kinda lazy, is pretty fantastic.  I love when my yard just keeps doing it’s thing, even when I suck at taking care of it.

These are the 2015 varieties I have available.  The germination rate may not be as high as the 2016 seeds, but they’ll still do something.  You don’t even want to know how old some of the seeds I personally use are, I just plant more of them to make sure I get the plants I want.  Sets are available at Coeur d’Alene Fresh, and I will get them on Etsy soon.  The 2015 seeds are available at a discount in part because of that.  Plus I collected even more seeds in 2016.

These are most of the seeds collected in 2016.  I don’t have my calendula or Thumbelina carrots packaged up yet.  I keep getting distracted by all kinds of random things happening in life.  My bad.  I have my list, hoping to make progress through it in the next few weeks.  I have tons of chive seeds.  They’re one of my unkillable plants, they just keep going and gong and going.  It’s fantastic.  Until I have to pare down the plants because they’ve quadrupled in size.