Chemistry with colors

People think learning has to be boring.
Absolutely not. It’s much easier when you’re engaged and involved with what you’re learning, and it’s not dry and boring.

Today? More colors!


We tried tried different crayons, designs, length of time in various colors.  Even used a purple bath bomb to dye, with great success.

Weekly kitchen roundup

Because I amaze myself with some of the goofy stuff around here.

Score!  Two liters of roasted garlic olive oil!  More is better!

Oh.  Damn.

It’s spring again!  Happy chickens.  Yes, those are a crazy orange, not even close to yellow.

No more “smell that smell!” game!

That’s right.  I spent 4+ hours on Easter scrubbing down and reorganizing the garage fridge/freezer.

Here’s the de-stickied door of the freezer.  Basil cubes I’d forgotten about, hot dogs, some jam, sausage, french toast sticks.

The rest of the freezer.  I got that shelf thingie just the other day (and it fit about perfectly, yay!).  Behind the ravioli are a few casseroles and some gallon ziplocs of muffins.  Behind the tub of jam is chicken nuggets.  No, I really don’t have cool whip there, those have some elderberry juice made by my neighbor’s late wife that she was so kind to gift me with a few years back.  Need to turn it into elderberry syrup before too long here.  Bottom baskets have lunchmeats and muffins.  To the far left is sausage, to the far right is smoked salmon.

Cleaned off the chest freezer – I have a plan for that as well.  Scrubbed down the sides and front of the poor fridge freezer.  It’s in the garage, it gets a little grungier than the one in the kitchen.  It took me a good 20 minutes to scrub off all the dust and stick from the top of the poor thing.

All empty and scrubbed and shiny and pretty again!  Doesn’t really look like much this way, but then…

All loaded up again.  Mexican Coke was added after this photo, sorry I didn’t catch that.  Top has a carton of coconut milk for when I bake for dairy free folks, my milk farm milk, some rarely used Sam Adams beer, some Boylan’s soda (real sugar!).  Middle, I added those bins, there’s yogurt in the left bin, sour cream and random cheese on the right.  Bottom shelf has eggs (gee, think I have enough?), carrots, beets, spinach, and something else in the back.  Bottom drawers have cheese.  Yes, both of them.  I don’t make cheese, maybe one of these days when the kids are older.  Plus we like various cheeses.  In this fridge alone?  I currently have medium cheddar, sharp cheddar, colby-jack, feta, babybel swiss, mozarella, and possibly something else. 

Yeah, there you go.  In case you were curious as to what’s in our garage fridge/freezer. 


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