Chemistry with colors

People think learning has to be boring.
Absolutely not. It’s much easier when you’re engaged and involved with what you’re learning, and it’s not dry and boring.

Today? More colors!


We tried tried different crayons, designs, length of time in various colors.  Even used a purple bath bomb to dye, with great success.

Hey, Easter happened!

The kids had their regular egg hunt.  5yo got green eggs, 6yo purple eggs, 8yo blue eggs, 11yo yellow eggs.  The orange were fair game for everyone, and then we had the chick, egg, and golden snitch with super cool big prizes in them.  😀  Of course, a few eggs had candy, but most had Legos.  5yo got a ninja turtles, 6yo got Elsa’s castle, 8yo got a technic hot rod.  11yo…  the Easter bunny couldn’t find the right Minecraft Lego set, so he got cash in eggs to put towards Legos.  Yeah, parent fail.  My bad.  We might have something super cool in the pipeline for him though….

I’ve been getting medical stuff done, yay.
A few doctor appointments, tooth cleaning at the dentist (did you know numbing for a cleaning was an option?!  I’m totally doing that next time so they can go whole hog, they made my day!).
My thyroid is a bit out of whack.  Technically, I’m well within the range of normal, just on the low end.  So technically, my thyroid is subclinically hypothyroid.  Good news though, it’s not Hashimoto’s.  The possibility of that kind of terrified me, really.  So I’m on a bunch of supplements to help support/get my thyroid going again.  Within a week of starting to take iodine?  It didn’t take 2-4 hours for my feet to warm up in bed (even with heating pad/blanket!) to get to sleep!  If the room isn’t super freezing, my feet warm up in like 15-20 minutes, and away I go.  It’s amazing.

Now, to figure out my adrenals here shortly.  They’re shot.  The saliva test will get to tell us how shot they are, if they’re still alive and kicking.  We’ll see what supplements he wants to put me on for those.  But I need something.  This constant exhaustion (you ever been able to sleep until 4-5pm and then be tired enough to go back to bed at 8-9pm?) just kinda sucks.

Easter 2014, part 1

We’ve killed a few Easter baskets over the years, or I got angry at them for taking up too much space in my already-tight-quarters house.  So, I made up my own thing.  Not like that’s new around here, I make things up as I go and mangle them to suit my fancy.  We got new string bags this Easter, that actually perfectly coordinate with the kids’ colors.  10yo is red, 7yo is blue, 5yo is pink/magenta, 4yo is green.  What, you don’t color code your kids?  Better get on that, you’re missing out.

So here are the ‘baskets’ all stuffed for the morning.  With some card games, a few small treats (think like two Hershey Kisses and some Goldfish), glowsticks, and a few other little things from Grandma.  Yup, we go *way* overboard here.  There’s also one sample egg in each one as an indicator of what color they get to hunt for this year.

Here are the eggs the bunny will hide for them.  Yup, again, color coded.  10yo gets to hunt for yellow, 7yo for blue, 5yo for pink/purple, 4yo for green.  The orange and gold are a free-for-all, any child can grab those.  In the individual colors, are all the bits for a complete Lego set for each child.  In the family ones, are little coupons for things like stay-up-past-bedtime and make-a-batch-of-cookies and movie night for the kids to cash in.  The special golden egg has two dollars, some mombucks, and a little candy.  This way, they get something cool, have a blast, are quiet the rest of the day (assembling their Legos!), and there’s minimal candy involved.  Or markers.  Markers with my younger two tend to result in bad things happening.  Drives me batty.