Breathing and Pain essential oil blend

This is a fun blend.  It’s definitely minty.  If you’re breastfeeding, you need to stay away from this.  Mint essential oils will decimate your supply.  So I guess if you’re trying to wean, rock on.  I first started using this blend (diluted of course, I err on the side of caution with that one) for my asthma.  I’ve had asthma for over thirty years now, it’s not a new thing.  My asthma is greatly irritated when I get sick or have allergies.  Every few years I’ve gotten really sick, with a nasty cold making it’s way down into my lungs.  It’s something I prefer to avoid, to be honest.  When I start feeling sick, or a cold may be trying to make it’s way into my lungs, I’ll slather this all over my chest and neck.  When I keep on it, and keep applying it, it greatly helps.  Between this and my thieves blend, I’ve managed to keep colds out of my lungs for a few years so far (knock on wood!).

As an added bonus tip for those of you suffering from colds, I use bee pollen as my antihistamine rather than OTC meds.  Bee pollen doesn’t dry out mucousal membranes like OTC meds do, and it typically takes effect in 15-30 minutes.   That’s as close to magic as I can get, and I very much appreciate it.  I’ll get into more cold/sickness tricks I have, along with my typical go-to’s for seasonal allergies (which I’ve also had for over twenty-five years) in future posts.

How I use it for pain?  I’m lucky and rarely get headaches.  But when I do, this is what I turn to first.  I found out it’s efficacy on accident, I was too lazy to go find another essential oil blend, but had this one right by me and ready to go (asthma!).  So I rolled it on.  Headaches starting at the base of my neck?  On my temples?  I roll this blend on, and the pain calms down within 15-20 minutes typically.  Lasts for a few hours, then reapply as needed.  I like the short use-life of my remedies – I can easily see if something was just a one-time issue, or ongoing and needing a different approach.  My 13yo has also used it for headaches with good success, too.  I think also my sister?  Again, I’m only going to sell products I’ve used myself, and let my family and friends use.  If I don’t feel comfortable with it, I’m not going to sell it.

Anywho.  You can find the Breathing/Pain blend all by itself, in the tiny, cute little roller bottles, soon to be available in 5ml and 10ml roller bottles.  Possibly upon request.

They can appear in custom first aid kit tins as well.