Because they’re cute

She’d recently gotten out of the shower.  Didn’t want me to dry her hair off.  Sigh.  But she wanted to pose with her perler bead gifts from Christmas.  That, of course, had wandered away from the Christmas stuff (which is already back in the storage unit).

MIL came up to visit for a bit.  Of course she came up with gifts.  She brought little bows and arrows for the kids (which I’m okay with, the arrows are all padded and such), and then this dress-up outfit for the 4yo as his [belated] birthday present.  So. darned. cute.  He was/is so pleased with himself, dressing up and going off to conquer the couch cushions.   Like the 7yo’s photobomb?  Yeah.  He’s a bit silly.

Hubby’s birthday surprise

So.  Hubby turned 30-something this weekend.  I’d been plotting for the last month his birthday.  The morning of his birthday, he got his gifts.  Some neat books he had sorta wanted but didn’t know he needed, and gift cards.  Then in my card to him, I told him to pack a bag for three days.  That’s right.  We escaped!  I had planned with the grandmas for them to watch the kids (MIL got one day, my mom the other two), without hubby knowing a thing.

We holed up in a hotel, ordered room service…  Went to a used homeschool bookshop, got hubby some new suits, and a few other things.  Was fun, especially since we could take our time and browse or do whatever we wanted.

She turned 5yo!

So now my little stairsteps are officially 9yo, 7yo, 5yo and 3yo.  When you tell people that, their eyes kind of bug out a little, but hey, they’re cute.

The girl wanted Tinkerbell cupcakes, so there you go.  I had a gal make these, no way can I do anything cool like this.

Yeah, I got a little creative with the candle placement.  It happens.

She was so excited.  She wanted everyone to sing Happy Birthday to her, too.

Blowing out her candles, with the 9yo impatiently looking on.

And the lights are back on, time to snarf down the sugar.

They had a good time.