Another consignment haul, first aid fun, and freezers!

This first part is mostly for my own information, so I can go back and scan for it as need be.
3 books, 1 purse, 1 little purse, 1 crayon roll, 5 pairs shoes, 1 pair ballet shoes, 4 pairs of socks, 1 bra, 2 pairs of underwear.
2 coats, 1 jacket, 2 pairs boy pants, 6 pairs girl jeans, 3 pairs girl leggings, 2 pairs girl shorts, 3 dresses, 1 pirate dress, 1 dance leotard, 3 short sleeved girl shirts, 1 girl sweater, 3 girl long sleeved shirts, 1 girl pajamas, 2 boy long sleeved shirts, 1 boy short sleeved shirt.  The total was $154, which I’m cool with.  They’re bigger sizes of things, and there’s fun brand names like Gymboree, Children’s Place, Arizona, Keen, Merrell in there.

Here’s the little purse from my haul above.  Next to the little Thirty-One personalized bag I’ve got that I’ve been using as my first aid kit.

The inside of the first aid kit in the Thirty-One bag I’d been dragging around everywhere.  Yes, it stays in my purse all the time.

Even with half the things rubber banded together, it’s kind of a crazy free-for-all in there.

See how cute it is?  All my little bottles/tubes are all happy and vertical and staying in place here, love it.

And on the outside where other folks would have game cartridges?  I have band-aids.  Because that’s how I roll.
The irony?  I finally looked at the zipper pulls.  They say Nintendo.  This cute little first aid kit of mine started off it’s life carrying around some little game system.  And then I get ahold of it.  Mwahaha.

Changing topics wildly.  I made, printed, and laminated freezer maps.  For lack of a better term.  Each of these goes on a different freezer.  I have baskets in them because, well, I need better organization.  I’m hopeful this’ll work better.  And hubby and the kids, mostly for hubby, will be able to find things easier.

The laundry room freezer.

And how it translates into real food…  Well, at least part of the freezer, I didn’t get a complete photo of it.
The new-to-us garage freezer.  I need to do a better inventory list of crockpot meals, and the fruits and veggies, those baskets are looking kind of barren on this sheet (when they’re really stuffed, whoops).

And how that one translates into real packages:

Homestead Barn Hop time!

Canning season has begun with a vengeance

Farmer’s Market basket last weekend.  That’s a hefty sized basket, too.

Finally got photos printed up.  These colorful ones are up in the kids’ room.  They’re so cute, I may put up another photo shelf above this one to get more photos of them up there.

And the living room photos.  I’m pleased.  Might add a few more small ones if I find a decent deal on some smaller frames, but until then.  I finally got photos up on the wall!  That in itself is pretty awesome for non-decorator me.

We haven’t eaten at the table in two days.  ‘Tis the season.

My poor kitchen.  All kinds of busy and messy.  The floor’s already sticky, but I’m not going to make the kids clean/mop it until we’re done with all those peaches and tomatoes and nectarines.

In the midst of peaches.  Lots of peaches.  With tomatoes simmering on the stove.  All kinds of smells coming from my house.  😉

I actually got it tidied up at the end of last night.  Dirty jars still sealing over there in the far corner by the stove, giant Le Creuset pot simmering with tomato goo.  Cleaned out the sink, yay!  In the foreground is all the cleaned off jars (I scrub them all after they seal so there’s no sticky gunk in the pantry/basement), and the *giant* compost bowl from the day.  The 9yo gets to take it out in the morning for me.

We’ve been playing around with veggies lately because, well, we have a glut of them.  So from perusing Pinterest, this happened.
That’s right, bacon wrapped green beans.  They are super yummy, and aside from the slight difficulty of wrapping them, not too hard.  Hubby grilled them out on our new grill, so as to not heat up the house.  I’m pulling out all kinds of grill recipes as of late, only thing I turn the stove on for is canning.

Grilled zucchini, again, on the grill.  Again, lots of veggies all over the house.

Blueberries and candle holders

Hit up a yard sale down the street.  Not quite sure what I’m going to do with the photo/peg thingie yet.  But, my total score?  Those candlestick holders!  I’ve been on the lookout for some for a while now, and they’re not exactly cheap from the Lehman’s catalog.  I found two sets that I liked, and a few random ones.  I really, really like the adorable brass and mother-of-pearl ones on the right there with my plain tapers.  So, so pretty.  And while I’m not really a fan of the gold/warm metals (I’m a platinum/silver/nickel kind of girl, as evidenced by all the light fixtures in my house), the light bounces off these holders quite nicely.  I got away with all this for a song though, so I was *so* thrilled.

Last week a friend hooked me up.  Mine are all the ones in orange tones, the rest are friends.  Anywho, the big-ish kids got to test out roller coaster cars.  Talk about a fun day!  Certainly not something I ever got to do growing up, that’s for sure.  And you know the foam padding on parts of roller coaster cars?  We got some of the droppings from the molds – they look like crazy mushrooms, or just a pile of poo.  The kids thought it was so hilarious and fun.

Out on the coaster track.  Yes, my friend’s company does it *all*, so neat and amazing.  We plan  to take a more in-depth tour one of these days… likely when I can get someone to watch the 3yo and we can get it scheduled after all the fabrication guys are out of the building (so we don’t get hurt).

My haul from the day out with a friend.  We went blueberry picking with all our kids.  Discovered the best. blueberry. ever.  Spartan.  Seriously, it’s amazing.  I normally don’t eat fresh (or any) blueberries, but these?  I totally could.  Yum.
Then since my friend is kinda new to the area, we wandered off to a few more of my haunts since we were already in the van.  My elderly apple orchard folks, where we both got 5lbs of Lodi apples.  Then on to my other u-pick farm for veggies – cucumbers, zukes, cherry tomatoes, and a giant onion for braving the traffic. 

Yup, these blueberries were amazing.  Blueberry, cherry tomato, and my fat-fingered little hand.  Seriously impressive sized berries.

Homestead Barn Hop!