This whole starting a business thing…

It’s intense.
Lots of things to think about.
Proper permits and licenses, taxes, advertising, marketing, business plan, bedspreads, photos, paint and stain, expenses…
All on top of the other regular drama of life? Holy smokes. It adds up.

It’ll all be worth it. Well, I hope. This is certainly going to be one heckuva ride, that’s for sure.

So buckle up. Things are just starting to get interesting around here. Again.

Healing Stick

An adorable healing stick, for rashes and mild skin irritations.  It does contain glycerin, but not alcohol (I made sure when I purchased ingredients!).
All purpose, to use on what you need healing and antibacterial-ness on.  Yes, I just made up a word, you’re welcome.

Below, you can see how the mini roller bottles fit in snugly in the first aid kits.


Totally adorable first aid kits!

These are just examples of my super cute first aid kit tins.  I can fit a kind of random variety of things in these, partly what I feel like putting in them, and partly what folks are in need of.
Some are made with re-purposed mint tins that I cover with duct tape…

Some are slightly bigger, slightly flatter and brand new tins.  They’re all super cute.  The flatter ones aren’t as receptive to 5ml roller bottles, which is a bummer, but those still fit in the mint tins.

Close up of what I can fit in these larger tins.