Another train museum!

* * I’ve had this saved as a draft for longer than I should have.  Forgot to post.  So in between the herby stuff, here’s some cute kid stuff!  Once it gets nicer out, I plan to take more adventures with the kids as our schedules allow.  Meaning, more fun photos. * *

I have no shame.  We stop at all kinds of places.
We went out to wheat harvest for a few days.  The 12yo was off adventuring with Grandma and Auntie (and his soon-to-be uncle), so it was just me and the three youngers.  I don’t have any photos of them riding trucks or combine though, whoops.  This year was super easy.  My uncles were harvesting fields behind the farm house, so when we heard a truck rumbling, we’d run out to the driveway with a few kids, and then they’d get dropped off on their way down through the driveway to the elevator.  I just stayed at the house with the lone child, keeping an ear out for things.  Didn’t have to drive in my aunt’s big honkin’ truck up into fields of so. much. dust. and chaff, that take a while to get to because of all the hills.  Was seriously easy.

On our way out of town, we stopped in Ritzville.  Because duh, train museum.  Got a different docent this time – the usual guy was off puttering around doing something, so I chatted with another lovely lady.  Had the same last name as a distant-ish relative of mine (well, my mom’s), but apparently we aren’t related.  It’s a small county though, so who knows.  Plus Grandma was headed our way with the 12yo, so we just met them there so Grandma didn’t have to trek the extra two hours to my place.

But first, to kill time, we hit the cemetery.  More than a few relatives there, so I got to show the kids.  The 8yo and 10yo are named for my maternal grandmother, so they got to see her plot.  And then an aunt’s.  And then my own great-grandparents, so their great-great grandparents.  We could’ve wandered more to find any extra relatives there, but we found the ones I know more about.  Well, or at least know their names.

The blue shirt child (10yo) is in front of Grandma and Papa’s headstone.  Yellow shirt (6yo) is just exploring.

Yup, weird and blurry editing.  My grandparents.

More weird and blurry retouching.  My great-grandparents.

It really was a gorgeous day, despite the wind.

The 10yo took a photo of this one.  Not a relative.  But they were concerned/interested because it was a baby.  Sweet because of the toys, sad because it was a baby.
I know it’s weird.
But it *is* pretty cool being able to share family stuff and history and stories with my kids.  So they know some of their roots.  I have some friends who were adopted or have family issues that just don’t have that kind of knowledge/availability, so I’m incredibly lucky.  Like last year (or the year before?) when we visited my uncle and aunt for harvest.  Driving the same road Grandma drove us on when I was young, I regaled the kids with mouse stories.  When you live in the middle of wheat fields, there are mice.  Lots of mice. Grandma (their great-grandma) hated the mice.  She also had a bit of a lead foot.  Which is where I get that from.  Anyway.  She would swerve around the highway/road to hit the mice scurrying across the road.  Because then it’d be one less mouse to try to get into her house.  On the deserted parts of the road (which really, is most of it, to be honest), I may or may not slow down a bit and swerve to get a mouse or two.  It’s tradition.

Or when I told the kids about how the mice wore holes into places in the carpet, and even the basement door.  My sister and I got used to seeing mouse traps everywhere so somehow we knew not to touch them way back when.  So after the kids and I arrived, at one point they went to find the mouse-marked door because of my story.  Later that night or the next day, they started yammering on about it to my uncle.  Apparently uncle had been on the fence about replacing the basement door.  But now that the door has made it’s way into family folklore, he just might need to keep it.  😀  Again, I’m incredibly lucky.  An uncle and aunt bought one grandparents’ house, and my cousin and her husband bought my other grandparents’ house, so family is still in those houses from my childhood and we get to visit.




Totally adorable first aid kits!

These are just examples of my super cute first aid kit tins.  I can fit a kind of random variety of things in these, partly what I feel like putting in them, and partly what folks are in need of.
Some are made with re-purposed mint tins that I cover with duct tape…

Some are slightly bigger, slightly flatter and brand new tins.  They’re all super cute.  The flatter ones aren’t as receptive to 5ml roller bottles, which is a bummer, but those still fit in the mint tins.

Close up of what I can fit in these larger tins.


Breathing and Pain essential oil blend

This is a fun blend.  It’s definitely minty.  If you’re breastfeeding, you need to stay away from this.  Mint essential oils will decimate your supply.  So I guess if you’re trying to wean, rock on.  I first started using this blend (diluted of course, I err on the side of caution with that one) for my asthma.  I’ve had asthma for over thirty years now, it’s not a new thing.  My asthma is greatly irritated when I get sick or have allergies.  Every few years I’ve gotten really sick, with a nasty cold making it’s way down into my lungs.  It’s something I prefer to avoid, to be honest.  When I start feeling sick, or a cold may be trying to make it’s way into my lungs, I’ll slather this all over my chest and neck.  When I keep on it, and keep applying it, it greatly helps.  Between this and my thieves blend, I’ve managed to keep colds out of my lungs for a few years so far (knock on wood!).

As an added bonus tip for those of you suffering from colds, I use bee pollen as my antihistamine rather than OTC meds.  Bee pollen doesn’t dry out mucousal membranes like OTC meds do, and it typically takes effect in 15-30 minutes.   That’s as close to magic as I can get, and I very much appreciate it.  I’ll get into more cold/sickness tricks I have, along with my typical go-to’s for seasonal allergies (which I’ve also had for over twenty-five years) in future posts.

How I use it for pain?  I’m lucky and rarely get headaches.  But when I do, this is what I turn to first.  I found out it’s efficacy on accident, I was too lazy to go find another essential oil blend, but had this one right by me and ready to go (asthma!).  So I rolled it on.  Headaches starting at the base of my neck?  On my temples?  I roll this blend on, and the pain calms down within 15-20 minutes typically.  Lasts for a few hours, then reapply as needed.  I like the short use-life of my remedies – I can easily see if something was just a one-time issue, or ongoing and needing a different approach.  My 13yo has also used it for headaches with good success, too.  I think also my sister?  Again, I’m only going to sell products I’ve used myself, and let my family and friends use.  If I don’t feel comfortable with it, I’m not going to sell it.

Anywho.  You can find the Breathing/Pain blend all by itself, in the tiny, cute little roller bottles, soon to be available in 5ml and 10ml roller bottles.  Possibly upon request.

They can appear in custom first aid kit tins as well.