Public school at home

So, yeah.  That happened.

I figured school was cancelled a few weeks before they officially called it.  I already had plans for how, and with what, to homeschool the kids again.  But the schools sent home… well… lots.  I picked up new extra Chromebook and reading books for my elementary kids.

This current version, only a week into public school at home, has been awful.  Between intimidation and threats from one side, to 58 assignments for my struggling 10yo 4th grader, to my 11yo 5th grader having over 16 hours of schoolwork…  my 8th grader had maybe 7 assignments.  My 9th grader had maybe 10 assignments.  Slightly more involved as they’re older and independent, but still.  This blows monkey chunks.

So, in pushback, I’m going to document here how *I* homeschool.


So, you know how it takes time to get glamour shots? Woody is no different.

Cell phone photos in the dark (this one was with one of the cool lights that change color – insta nightlight!) are about all I’ve got at the moment. We’re gonna take a little scenic drive one of these days to do his glamour shots. But in the meantime, you can check out his current head shots over on

This whole starting a business thing…

It’s intense.
Lots of things to think about.
Proper permits and licenses, taxes, advertising, marketing, business plan, bedspreads, photos, paint and stain, expenses…
All on top of the other regular drama of life? Holy smokes. It adds up.

It’ll all be worth it. Well, I hope. This is certainly going to be one heckuva ride, that’s for sure.

So buckle up. Things are just starting to get interesting around here. Again.