Vapor Lotion

This one started on a lark.  I came across a recipe online, had all the ingredients, and thought what the heck.  Might as well.
So then there was Vapor Lotion.  These are small little tubs, think diameter of a quarter or so.  Again, great for pockets and running around.  This is a much milder, less petroleum based concoction to help with breathing and cold ickies.  I’ve used it on my children, but I would recommend exercising caution with children under 3yo.  I’m past that point in my life, so I experiment on my little and not so little guinea pigs like it’s going out of style.  It’s totally up to you whether you sing “Soft Kitty” while applying it though.  My children seem to get a few giggles when I do that, so it may help.

They fit nicely into any of the tins.  The current size of the vapor lotion is the same as the round one (painted with yellow) down below.




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