Plantain Salve

Today’s spotlight is on my plantain salve.  Plantain is great for healing cuts, and can be soothing.

I harvest the plantain from random spots in my non-chemical yard.  Sometimes even the kids get in on the harvesting, they’re pretty good at finding it sometimes.  Again, simple ingredients.  Dried plantain steeped in olive oil, and I add coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter until I get the consistency I want.  Super scientific, I know, it kind of reminds me of baking bread.  You just keep mixing/adding until you feel it’s right.  I have a tendency to wing it until I’m happy with it, not always just because all the ingredients are in there.

Plantain salve can be purchased on it’s own, or in various combinations as below.

Both regular and mini salve tube sets…

Big first aid kit tins…

Or smaller mint-tin sized kits.
All the kits can be customized to suit your whim.



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