Bone, Flesh, and Cartilage

This is a little more complicated salve.  Dr. Christopher came up with a blend of eight herbs in a particular proportion to aid in healing, shockingly, bone, flesh, and cartilage.  I’ve made a salve, an oil, a tincture, and a glycerite with this blend of herbs.  To cover my bases for whatever I might need.

This particular salve, BF&C, is a very multipurpose healing salve.  For cuts, scrapes, ouchies, whatever you need help healing.  The salve is more geared for skin type wounds, whereas the (less than tasty) tea is more to help knit bones and such back together.


Only use as needed.  When you are hurt, and healing/recovering is a good time.  But it’s not like vitamin C or vitamin D that are good to take much of the time when your nutrition is deficient.  BF&C has white oak bark, comfrey root, black walnut leaf, gravel root, marshmallow root, mullein leaf, scullcap, wormwood, and lobelia.  The FDA wants to warn that it’s for external use only, and not to use while pregnant or breastfeeding.  I didn’t start learning about herbs until after I was done being pregnant and nursing, so I’m zero help with that.  But I’m okay with exercising caution in regards to that, so you’ll have to make your own decision about this particular herbal blend.  I do believe it’s the comfrey root that has various groups all up in arms about it, but it *is* a healing herb, in the correct quantities, and especially when it’s in a synergistic blend.

Because I cannot leave anything alone, I decided to mix up some BF&C with a little lavender essential oil.  Ideally, to help heal and minimize scars.  I have scars from blood draws in the last two years (yay for health issues!), so my goal is to see if my salve helps heal those up and leave me without scars.  So I will fully admit this particular salve is still in it’s testing phase, but I have no qualms about other people using it.  I’m *that* comfortable with the ingredients.  Just…  don’t eat it, okay?  Probably won’t taste amazing, despite it not having things that will poison you.


Salves can be purchased on their own, or in kits.  I love kits, they’re fun.  Both regular and mini sizes, both alone and in a kit.  You can custom order kids so you get the (number of) salves you want, as well.  Just sent me an email, text, carrier pigeon, whatever works for you.

A fun new first aid kit tin I found.  Not as easy to put into pockets, but still nice and slim, and holds a fair amount of goodies.  These can also be custom ordered.


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