Calendula Salve

Another single-herb salve.  I’m sure you’re wondering why all the different colors.  I color code my children.  Stands to reason I’d color code my products for sale as well.  Makes it easy for me to identify.  I’ve switched some of the colors as I’ve developed things, and slightly changed packaging options, which I’m going to chalk up to a learning experience and experimenting.

Calendula is a simple, soothing, calming herb.  I use it for all kinds of irritated skin.  For example, after a bunch of cleaning and cooking where I’ve washed my hands a bazillion times a day, they can be dry and possible cracking.  I’ll slather on some calendula salve at bedtime, snooze away, and let the salve do it’s thing  My hands will be better in the morning.  My hands also get irritated from too much contact with firewood (some of those little bits and splinters are mean!), so I’ll need to use the salve again at night to bring back my hands.

I pick the petals from my calendula in the yard.  What I’ve noticed is that my calendula petals are very bright and usually orange, versus the paler colors I see from most dried calendula available commercially.  Orange petals translate to orange lids, totally makes sense to me.

You could eat this salve if you really, really wanted to.  I wouldn’t recommend it, but you could.  Ingredients include calendula-steeped olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter.  Sure, easy ingredients, just takes time to put together and time to steep the herbs.  I’m fairly impatient with things sometimes, so I understand the not wanting to wait and make it yourself.  Hence why I’m making all these goodies.  Saves you some of the effort, and ideally, I can bring home some income.   Win win.

Not only can you purchase calendula salve on it’s own, you can also find it in a variety of fun ways.  In salve bundles, complete with cute little bag…

But you can also find salves in some of my premade first aid kit tins, big or small.  These can be customized to some degree as well.

Example of a kit available at Coeur d’Alene Fresh.  Why yes, I sometimes put bows on things.  Why not?  Also, yes, you can tell I wing things completely, and try to use what I have around first.  In order to package these kits where customers can view what’s inside, I had to be creative.  Enter my food saver and some old Cabela’s bags that I wasn’t fond of for food packaging.  They totally work for first aid kits though, which I like.




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