All kinds of magnesium, multipurpose is my favorite!

I started with basic magnesium spray.  Started using it on myself a few years ago.
Gentlemen, skip down the page.
Ladies, this was seriously magical for me.  I started doing just one, sometimes two sprays on my abdomen daily before bed.  After a solid month of daily magnesium applied transdermally, for the first time in my life (and I’m not a spring chicken!), my period snuck up on me!  When I regularly use my magnesium spray, I get a warning twinge to go visit the facilities at that time of the month, and that’s about it.  When I slack off or life distracts me, I start feeling the cramps and mittleschmertz again.  Bonus, the magnesium kicks in for me within about thirty minutes!  Way, way, way faster than the 6 Advil at a time my pediatrician in the 90’s told me was okay (side note, yes, she did indeed say that it was fine for me to take 30 Advil a day – I wish I could go back in time and smack her!).  The side effects for me?  No cramps.  I’m totally cool with that one.  I will warn, that if your body has too much magnesium (so don’t start with five sprays a day), you will feel some output issues, and will want to stock up on reading material there.  Great way to clean out I suppose.  Anyway.  That’s one use I started with.

Now on to uses more suitable for everybody, not just humans with uteri.
The reason I typically apply my magnesium before bed?  It aids with sleep.
I’ve used it on my kids when they’re having trouble sleeping a night (one of a few things in my sleep arsenal).
I’ve used it on my kids with growing pains, it’s amazing, and fast working.  I wish I’d discovered magnesium a few years prior when my oldest kept having some gnarly growing pains.  At 13yo, kid is as tall as his mother.  😉
I’ve added lavender to some of them to help with calming and sleep, for humans of all ages.  I use it a lot on my kids, to be honest.  Very few side effects, aside from sleep.
I have it in many different sizes.  A small spray bottle for on the go, a bigger one for at home.  Roller bottles for a more direct application than spray, plus handy to keep in your purse, pocket, first aid kit, bedside table, whatever floats your boat.  Any size, whichever flavor you’d like.  I could even do a magnesium spray or oil with a touch of my Coping Cabana essential oil blend if desired.

Not only can you, of course, buy any of the magnesiums by themselves, I have them in the Relaxation Gift Set, and the 5ml roller bottle or 4ml spray bottle will fit into various first aid tins.


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