Need a fantastic gift?

My prepackaged little gift sets are perfect for the person that has everything.  They likely don’t have these cute little remedies in their pockets already.  Just sayin’.

First up, what I call the Hiker’s Gift Set.  Includes hydrated clay, Bone Flesh and Cartilage salve, and black salve.  For all kinds of ailments you may find on your travels through the forest or ghost town or beach.


Why yes, I named this one the Ouchies Gift Set.  Well, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know what an ouchie is, correct?  Hydrated clay, BF&C, and colloidal silver.  I use colloidal silver sparingly as it’s an antibiotic, and I’m wary of antibiotics from the doctor without a darned good reason.  But when I have a cut or cranky ingrown toenail that’s trying to become annoying and infected, a drop or two (or small spray) of colloidal silver, covered up with a bandage, tends to fix me right up.


Last, but certainly not least, my Relaxation Gift Set.   Hydrated clay for a mini mask or to use on drawing out ickies from blemishes, Coping Cabana because it’s fantastic, and lavender magnesium to help calm and ease emotions and muscles.


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