You ever have a crap year with a house?

Yup, yeehaw.  There was an incident.  And this happened.  Which, okay, bleep happens.  If I need to, I think I can unscrew the door and yank it out, and put in a cheap old shower rod/curtain setup in here.  Not ideal, but hey, you work with what you’ve got.  And when you’ve got budget of basically zero, yeah.
I taped it up the day after it happened, and it’s held so far.  We shall see how long it can hold out with so much use.


Why is the tiny shower stall in use so much, you ask?  Because the plumbing/bathroom/shower/tub in the main bathroom has major issues.

Yup.  Good times.

Bad enough that the floor/joists under the bathroom are…  separating/flexing?
I haven’t a clue, I just know this blasted line is along my dining room wall along the entire length of the main bathroom.  Aka, not going to be a cheap fix or remodel, even if I were to do some of the work myself.

It’ll get fixed.  Eventually.  When, not sure.  I do miss using the bathtub though, that is a total bummer.


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