Cleaning isn’t as sexy as the 50’s commercials made it seem.

You know how things get weird in a house when you have kids?  Yeah.  I cleaned part of the living room one day.  Pulled out all the tables, couches, wiped down the baseboards, scrubbed the walls (look below, see the dirt line on the wall?!?).  This is all that was underneath one couch.  I found just as much random under the other couch and under the table.  Sigh.  So all those times I told the kids to look under the couch for their socks, and they didn’t…  Welp, found the socks.

Looked a little intense while in progress.  Lots of things to move around to clean.

And voila, progress!  There’s still a small pile of things on the right there, but one thing at a time.



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