Mining Tour, Part 8

I said I had a lot of photos, and we did a lot of things.  I wasn’t lying.

We had to leave the jail museum before they closed, I needed enough time to get us to this next campground.  Funny enough, our site was #13 here as well.  Guess we had a thing with 13’s this trip.  Got all set up at a cute site with an almost flat spot, and the vault toilet was mere steps away from our site.  Yay for convenience!  😀

Here the tent looks almost small.  Yeah, not so much.  That morning sun sure was bright.  The 10yo helped me set up most of the tent the night before and helped with most of the teardown (12yo was having some issues).  We started getting pretty good at set-up and teardown by the end of it.  It’s awkward as heck because the tent and tarp are so big, but hey, practice makes perfect, right?

Getting all packed up.  Hi, Batman!
And see how pretty we left the site?  Yup, leave it cleaner than we found it.


So then on to the opal mining.  Wasn’t as fun as the sapphire mining.  There were some… issues.  Opals are harder to find when you’re cranky.  A lovely little gentleman (like 17yo) took pity on me and picked out a few opal-laden rocks for the kids for us to take home.
They bring the rocks in from their mine, and you sort through.  Use a spray bottle/water to find the differences in rock.

View of the mine from the freeway.  Not hard to get to at all.  Just, in the middle of nowhere.  Also?  Minimal radio stations for more than a few hours here.  Very few country stations even.

Yes, we even took photos of the map dealies at the rest area.  Because hey, they had cool stuff on them!  Things to check out next time.
wp_20160813_012 wp_20160813_013 wp_20160813_014 wp_20160813_015 wp_20160813_016

The 8yo wanted to take a photo with my cell phone.  Add in the bright sun, you get a grainy photo.  The 10yo was quite thrilled with himself.  Ahem.  And my hair doesn’t look too bad for day four of camping.  I tried washing it with my shampoo with heated up water into a tub that morning, but it’s just not the same as washing my hair in the shower.  I tried though, so I wasn’t *as* much of a greaseball.

Hey look, another map!  With more cool stuff!  At the next rest area we stopped at.  Yeah, we saw a lot of rest areas.  What struck me?  Most of the ones on the Montana freeways have single stalls – none of that 18 stalls in a row deal that Washington tends to do.
 wp_20160813_022  wp_20160813_024  wp_20160813_026

We made it home!  Barely, it felt like.  wp_20160813_033

The odometer when we finally got home.  Forgot the trip odometer turns over at 999 miles.  So yup, 1133.4 miles in four days.  We did it.

So.  Eight installments with our photos of four days.  Not bad, eh?  Wonder what I could do with more time, a smidge more planning, and their cooperation.  Maybe we’ll see this spring/summer.


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