Mining Tour, Part 5

More of the Garnet Ghost Town.

I do believe this was the entrance to the hotel.
wp_20160811_078 wp_20160811_077

Another out building, or tiny shack.

Big building still in decent shape, right?  I swear, old school buildings just seem so solid.wp_20160811_070


Still a little tripped out with all the wood stoves left behind.  They’re so heavy, so I understand.  But I’m still sad at the condition they are in, such a waste.


Cute little cabin.  Very snug.

Guess this one started falling apart.  Darn.
wp_20160811_055 wp_20160811_053 wp_20160811_052 wp_20160811_050 wp_20160811_046 wp_20160811_044 wp_20160811_037 wp_20160811_034 wp_20160811_033

Seriously, they were enthralled with the outhouses.  Especially the two and three seaters.  No joke.  They had three seaters, I have three toilets in my house.  Stands to reason.
wp_20160811_027 wp_20160811_020 wp_20160811_016

On the little hike from the parking lot to the ghost town.


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