Mining Tour, Part 4

But wait, there’s more!

Once we finished mining, off we went to the ghost town!  Okay, we took the road less traveled.  Literally.  I don’t know that I’d recommend it.  But, slowly, my minivan made it up this iffy, potholed, steep in places road.  It took quite a bit.  Good thing I had a cooler of snacks in the van so the kids could shore up their energy levels.

wp_20160811_206 wp_20160811_199

A fun overview of the ghost town.  Quite a number of buildings, right?

Yes, we even had to inspect the outhouses.  Because, why not?
One of the houses/cabins.

Yup, no floor.  Some things have settled, but I’m not sure the cabins ever had flooring.

Inside one of the stores.  I think it was the mercantile?
The store next door.
wp_20160811_145Think there was a bar/pharmacy here at one point?

The hotel.  What’s super cool?  See that door to nowhere up there?  And the pole above it?  The lady who ran this hotel was fantastic.  So guests would come, with their (giant) luggage, being the 1800’s and all.  The carriages would park in front here.  The pole was actually a crane/pulley system.  They’d hook the luggage up to it, haul it up, and in through that door.  No stairs needed.    

Blurry photo of part of the butler’s pantry, or straight up pantry in the hotel. 

Hotel kitchen.  Back when kitchens were little bits that you cobbled together, not the fancy/expensive matching things we have nowadays.

Think this was the dining room.

This was the very top upstairs.  That the propietor rented out to miners.  They basically had rooms the size of closets. 

See those little bits of wood on the floor?  Those used to be the walls for the rooms the miners rented.  See, teeny rooms.  Each of the rooms had a skylight there, so they could look up at the stars and all that jazz.

I think this was a bedroom?  She had to pose for me.

Was a room we definitely couldn’t go into.


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