Farmer’s Market again

I am *not* new to farmer’s markets at this point in life.  I crash them in pretty much any old city I go to, if one happens to be in progress while I’m around/near and feel the urge to browse.  That’s how I found my deodorant one year (they sell it on Etsy, too!).  Or my elephant grass market baskets that seem to be sweeping my area – I’m one of the cool kids though, I’ve had mine for years (since the Issaquah market in…  2012? 2011?).
But selling at them?
That’s new.
And a little challenging for introvert me.  I like to think that being involved with mom’s groups for so long and throwing myself into new (and terrifying!) situations for me and the kids over the years has paid off.
I’m getting better at schmoozing with folks.  Hopefully in a non-creepy way.  I *really* hope it’s in a non-creepy way.

So here was my setup the first day.  When there were just a handful of vendors, it was thundering and raining like rain was going out of style.
I forgot to take a photo this last week, I liked that layout better.  I’m working on it.  Still need to do lots more signage/pricing as it is, baby steps as I do/remember things.  Not bad for cobbling things together fairly last minute though.  Takes time to do things with so many other things going on around me though.  Yikes.


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