Many moons ago

… I started a free blog.
All the cool kids were doing it.
On Xanga even, seemed like only a few folks were mainstays on LiveJournal.  It was way back when, in the heydey of the MDC Diapering boards, when the term “hyena” in regards to diapers was coined by a lovely lady I like to call a friend/acquaintance, when a bunch of us newer moms just needed adult interaction, reassurance we weren’t screwing up, and found it online in blogs and forums.  Especially since we didn’t tend to leave our houses a whole lot, only when we absolutely had to.  I still have a few friends from those way-back days, even up to 10-11 years ago!  We keep track of each other on Facebook anymore.  There have been many, many, many, ups and downs in our lives.  Some I remember their handles from blogs/forums/both, now I mostly know their real names and even addresses.  I have a few birth clubs that have gotten very close over the years.  Eventually, hopefully, some of us will meet, that would be amazing.  Until then, we have our friends on our computer (or phone) screens.  To lend an ear with problems, or exciting developments, to cheer each other on.  All because of the internet, and so called peer pressure.

An extra bonus is that now I have an archive of many years of me, of the kids, of our family in here.  Some has been privatized over the years due to issues, some thoughts and entries have never seen the light of day, but I have them.  Like when the kids were each born.  I remember basics, but it’s nice to go back and re-read the details to refresh my memory.  Or how the garden has developed over the years (spoiler alert, this year the weeds won!).

The last year or two I’ve wandered off and away from my blog, for various reasons.  Things pulling me in different directions, some things I just don’t feel are public fodder.  So I kept things closer to the chest.  Confided in only a few select trusted friends, and gained perspective and courage and encouragement from said friends.  It’s time for that quiet tide to turn.  Things are only going to get more exciting around here.  I aim to find my groove again, and find my voice again.  I remember more than a few times being told I had a way with words and describing my adventures.   Really, this is much how I would be if you met me in person.  Again, more than a few people have told me that upon meeting me, I’m just how I portray myself online.  I don’t have the patience (or memory, thanks thyroid!) to be two or three or four different people.
I am who I am.  A 30-something mom, who has a tendency to get stressed out easily (thanks adrenals!), has kids growing and eating all the time, who begrudgingly drives a minivan (although I can haul a decent amount with it sometimes!), who has a penchant for being a stealth hippie, and who grows her own glitter (on my head, it’s a pretty color).  And who thinks her daughter’s girl scout troop has it together more than her son’s boy scout troop, but that’s a topic for another day.

So welcome back.  I hope between my businesses and updates and projects and my own goofiness to be seen here a bit more than in recent times.
Rest assured though, things will be entertaining from time to time.
I have a tendency to do that.
Just ask Sugar Balls the trucker.


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