Future camping and fire fun

My mom bought us (well, mostly the kids) some groovy new fun toys.   Marshmallow roasting sticks!!!  We tried them out in the fire pit the other night.  I didn’t get any in-action photos.  Lately I’ve been pretty awful at that.  Instead, just being there in the moment much of the time (well, aside from thinking about the giant to-do list that’s five pages long).  They fold up super cute, and even come in a carrying bag, have the little plastic end deals to protect the sharp edges, and so far have washed up nice.  The super neato part though?  Those color discs.  Because A) I color code the kids, pretty much everybody knows this by now, and B) if you use your thumb/finger on the color disc part, it twirls what you’re roasting!  No need to use your whole wrist to twist your roasting stick!  Okay, well, that’s still a work in progress for smaller hands.  But still cool!  I’m excited to see how they last for us.


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