It’s allergy time!

Allergies started up again in the spring to about a week or two ago.  I detest allergies.  I didn’t start having them until about age 7, and then boom.  Super fun.  Drippy nose, water and itchy eyes, asthma acting up, all that jazz.  For years I took Benedryl, then I got pregnant with my 12yo.  Doctor told me to take Sudafed/Actifed instead when I was pregnant.  So then I took Sudafed for years.  Turns out it dried me out more than I ever knew.  Those meds dry out mucosal membranes – *all* mucosal membranes.  Who knew.  Took some time for me to figure that out apparently.

A few years back I started taking homeopathics.  Honestly, it started as a lark.  I found a little triad of homeopathic Boiron deals for a song at Grocery Outlet, figured for a couple bucks it would be worth trying out.  Holy smokes, they actually worked!  Kept taking them, and trying a few different ones, and I have tweaked my little regimen.  It changes periodically depending on what I need.

My current go-to array is bee pollen (I use local stuff, but this gives you an idea), with Sabadil as needed.  For a brutal day or two a few weeks back, I did break down and take a Claritin.  The cottonwood fluff was flying around everywhere, making it look like snow.  Other helpful homeopathics on hand are histaminum hydrochloricum, galphimia glauca, and the Similisan Allergy Eye drops are uh-mazing.  I seriously wish I’d had these eye drops in my high school days.  I’d claw my eyes, they’d be all red and puffy.  To where I’d need to snag a washcloth soaked in cold water (or with ice cubes wrapped up in it) to sooth my poor eyes.  These eye drops totally take care of that, it’s fabulous.  I certainly don’t sell them, they pretty much sell themselves once you use them.


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