Calendula Salve


Today’s spotlight is on my Calendula Cream.  Or lotion, whatever you want to call it.  I have a tendency to use it just as a straight up lotion, myself.  To soothe cracked and dry hands, dry legs, whatever.  Even the kids use it sometimes with dry hands when they’ve been outside playing and it’s ripped up their hands.  They play outside a lot.  Sometimes they use a different salve, but this one is an easy one and a no brainer for them to use.


Very simple ingredients.  Dried calendula petals from my garden, steeped in extra virgin olive oil (fewer allergy concerns than, say, coconut or almond oil, plus if the kids do manage to eat it, whatever) for several months, then mixed with beeswax, coconut oil, and a little bit of shea butter.  You can mix a bunch of herbal fun together, but I prefer to keep things simple when I can.  Especially with kids using my creations.  Mom concern here, if someone *does* happen to have a reaction, I can then definitively say what it was with since I like to keep the ingredients simple.


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