Pocket and sample sizes

A fun little thing.  Pocket size first aid kits!  Each of my kids have one, with band aids and a label sheet (saying which color is which remedy), they love them.  Herbal salves in lip tubes or little tubs, essential oil blends in the mini roller bottles (sparkly gold is thieves oil, light purple is lavender – I like color coding).

A decent variety of little samples.  Need to restock a few things and order more little containers to fill up and get ready to go, but it’s an okay start.
Calendula lotion, plantain lotion, Bone Flesh & Cartilage lotion, yarrow lotion, herbal salve, sleepytime magnesium lotion, a knockoff Vaporub, homemade sunscream (named by the children), and various essential oils.


One thought on “Pocket and sample sizes

  1. I love your blog. My life is so organized and predictable. My husband
    and I are retired except for our cattle ranch. We are empty nesters.
    Your life is so funny and entertaining. Your writings are like a cool breeze.
    Keep on blogging please.

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