No additives

I get cranky about additives in food.  Even more so since having children.  Especially with children that react somewhat violently to food dyes and such, and my tongue swells up after I’ve eaten something with preservatives.  Because of this, I’ve had to resort to going all DIY on my pantry.  Some of the ingredients in seemingly nice extracts?  Things like propylene glycol, blah, blah, blah.  That does *not* make me happy, especially when I want to use something with an extract.

Enter Angry Moose Farm Extracts!
Home crafted with love.
Anything I create, I’d give to my children, to my mom or sister, or even my children’s teachers as a Christmas gift.  Okay, maybe I wouldn’t let them suck down an entire quart of vanilla (just vanilla beans and vodka!), but I certainly cook with it!  They eat everything I make in the kitchen, not a whole lot of choice in that.  Usually I find decent recipes, rarely have I had a bomb.  Although that full-on gray chicken that was supposed to be Applesauce Chicken…  Yeah, we got takeout pizza that night.  I admit my mistakes.  If I was nervous about that food, I certainly wasn’t going to subject the kids to it.

We’ve been using homemade vanilla extract for many years.  Then I ventured into coconut, lime, lemon, orange, almond, cinnamon extracts.  Oh my stars, cinnamon rolls with vanilla and cinnamon extracts?  Yum.  Seriously, wow.  Yum.

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