It’s seed starting time!

Luckily we don’t need to buy any seeds.  Well kinda.  I’m sure I could *need* some, but I have three tubs of seeds to go through here.  I think we’ll be okay.

The garden’s been pretty sad the last several years.  I just haven’t had a whole lot of energy or drive to whip it into shape, unfortunately.  Goal is to work on that this year.  Ultimate goal is to have the yard keep producing goodies, and to be able to sell said goodies, along with other creations (to come soon after I finish out some planning!).  I don’t ever expect it’ll pay like a full-time job, but given I have a crew of smallish children, having something they can help me with money-wise and that we can do together, I think it can make a nice little difference.  Heck, if they want to branch off and do their own little money-making venture, that’d be cool.  Better to learn that stuff when they’re young, you know?

Now the hard part is deciding *which* varieties to plant.  Especially since I plan to save seeds to sell.  That’s right, home grown, hand harvested, northern acclimated seeds!  There’s some I like more than others, so there’s that.  I’ve had a fair amount of experience with accidentally saving seeds, and then not having to buy them ever again *cough parsley cough*, time to make the haphazardness work for me!


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