Finally got some snow

This year’s family photo.  That actually has all of us in it.  Wanted to get a photo of us running from Sue, but this was all the kids had patience for.  Plus, it was a holiday week so the museum was freakin’ packed.  We’re used to being the only five people in the place and having our run of it, not in a sea of hundreds.

Had a low-key Christmas.  Hubby got me a really cool recipe box, all personalized and such.  Kids got a rockin’ new go-kart, it’s bigger than the old one, so they can use it for forever.  So we have one the younger three can use, and one the 6+yo set can use.  Was so funny on Christmas (or the day after?) when hubby took it for a spin around the neighborhood.  He was pedaling down the street, steering with one hand, sipping his coffee with the other.  An SUV followed him down the street for a few houses before ours.  Their mouths were agape, and they both rubber-necked as they drove past us.  It was so amusing.  The kids love it.  Grandma got them a bucket as well, so they can shovel the driveway for us, and hubby has a local fabricator making chains for us.


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